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The Ch­ris­tian So­cial Union is a con­ser­va­tive po­li­ti­cal par­ty that on­ly ope­rates in the state of Ba­va­ria. In the fif­teen other Ger­man states, the Ch­ris­tian De­mo­cra­tic Union (CDU) stands as its coun­ter­part.

46 seats in the Ger­man fe­de­ral par­lia­ment.

CSU mem­bers who cur­rent­ly serve as go­vern­men­tal mi­nis­ters: Horst See­ho­fer, Mi­nis­ter of the In­ter­ior Mar­kus Sö­der, Mi­nis­ter-Pre­sident of Ba­va­ria

Prin­ciples: free enterprise, fe­de­ra­lism, uni­ted Eu­rope un­der Ch­ris­tian prin­ciples

Dif­fe­rences with the CDU: it is more con­ser­va­tive, es­pe­cial­ly on so­cial is­sues such as abor­tion, church-state mat­ters, and im­mi­gra­tion.

to ope­rate ici, in­ter­ve­nir / to stand, stood, stood (as its) ici, être (son) / coun­ter­part ho­mo­logue / cur­rent­ly ac­tuel­le­ment / to serve ici, exer­cer / abor­tion avor­te­ment / mat­ter ques­tion.

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