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Ame­ri­can ac­tresses Kei­ra Knight­ley and Kris­ten Bell have pu­bli­cly spo­ken about their re­la­tion­ship, as mo­thers, with Dis­ney car­toons and mo­vies. Both re­ject Dis­ney prin­cesses as role mo­dels for their chil­dren. In an ap­pea­rance on The El­len De­Ge­neres Show, Kei­ra Knight­ley said she for­bids her daugh­ter from wat­ching Cin­de­rel­la be­cause “[Cin­de­rel­la] waits around for a rich guy to re­scue her. Don’t. Re­scue your­self! Ob­vious­ly.” She al­so tar­ge­ted The Lit­tle Mer­maid, sta­ting that al­though she real­ly li­ked the film, she pros­cri­bed it too be­cause of Ariel gi­ving up her voice for a man. Kris­ten Bell said in an in­ter­view with Pa­rents that she uses Snow White to teach her daugh­ters to ne­ver take food from a stran­ger, un­like the film’s pro­ta­go­nist.

car­toon des­sin ani­mé / ap­pea­rance ici, in­ter­ven­tion / to for­bid, for­bade, for­bid­den sb from doing sth in­ter­dire à qqn de faire qqch. / Cin­de­rel­la Cen­drillon / to wait around for sb to do sth at­tendre; ici, es­pé­rer que qqn fasse qqch. / ob­vious­ly évi­dem­ment; ici, sé­rieu­se­ment / to tar­get ci­bler / The Lit­tle Mer­maid La Pe­tite Si­rène / to state dé­cla­rer / to give, gave, gi­ven up re­non­cer à / Pa­rents ma­ga­zine men­suel amé­ri­cain / Snow

White Blanche-Neige / un­like con­trai­re­ment à.

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