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A group of chefs re­vo­lu­tio­ni­zed both the res­tau­rant scene and food ha­bits. In 2002, Bri­tish chef Si­mon Ro­gan ope­ned L’En­clume in Cart­mel, Cum­bria, and in 2003, Da­nish chef Re­né Red­ze­pi ope­ned No­ma in Co­pen­ha­gen. Both em­pha­si­sed fresh and lo­cal food; es­pe­cial­ly fo­ra­ged items. In 2002, Bri­tish chef Ja­mie Oli­ver ope­ned his first res­tau­rant, Fif­teen, in or­der to bring young unem­ployed people in­to the res­tau­rant trade.

scene mi­lieu, monde / food ha­bits ha­bi­tudes ali­men­taires / Cum­bria com­té du nord-ouest de l’An­gle­terre / to em­pha­sise (GB) = to em­pha­size (US) mettre l’ac­cent sur / fo­ra­ged ici, is­sus de la cueillette sau­vage / item ici, ali­ment / unem­ployed au chô­mage / trade pro­fes­sion, sec­teur.


Bri­tish chef Ja­mie Oli­ver.

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