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Lo­cal of­fi­cials in a Wa­shing­ton neigh­bo­rhood have vo­ted to re­name a street that runs past the Sau­di Ara­bia em­bas­sy in ho­nour of Sau­di jour­na­list Ja­mal Kha­shog­gi. The lat­ter, a US re­sident, was mur­de­red in the Sau­di consu­late of Is­tan­bul, in Tur­key, in Oc­to­ber. Sau­di Ara­bia first de­nied the mur­der, be­fore ack­now­led­ging that the jour­na­list was killed in­side the consu­late. The idea to change the street’s name star­ted in No­vem­ber fol­lo­wing an on­line pe­ti­tion that read: “We sug­gest re­na­ming the street ad­dress of the Sau­di em­bas­sy in­to Ja­mal Kha­shog­gi Way to be a dai­ly re­min­der to Sau­di of­fi­cials”. The mea­sure has yet to be ap­pro­ved by the ci­ty coun­cil. lo­cal of­fi­cials au­to­ri­tés lo­cales / neigh­bo­rhood (US) = neigh­bou­rhood (GB) quar­tier / to re­name re­bap­ti­ser / to run, ran, run ici, pas­ser / past de­vant / em­bas­sy am­bas­sade / the lat­ter ce der­nier / to de­ny nier, dé­men­tir / to ack­now­ledge re­con­naître / to read, read, read ici, in­di­quer / re­min­der rap­pel / ci­ty coun­cil conseil mu­ni­ci­pal.

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