A 2018 chro­no­lo­gy

2018 fut une an­née bien rem­plie. De grands ren­dez-vous po­li­tiques, spor­tifs et cultu­rels, ain­si que des évè­ne­ments plus in­at­ten­dus, ont ryth­mé l’ac­tua­li­té. Vo­cable vous pro­pose de re­ve­nir sur ces évè­ne­ments en images et en ana­grammes... Pla­cez les lettres

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Ja­nua­ry 24: Ame­ri­can Pre­sident Trump wi­th­draws the US from the Trans-Pa­ci­fic Part­ner­ship TEDRA EDLA. T____ D___ to wi­th­draw, drew, drawn re­ti­rer, sor­tir.

Fe­brua­ry 14: Ex-student Ni­ko­las Cruz shoots 17 stu­dents and staff mem­bers dead at Mar­jo­ry Sto­ne­man Dou­glas High School, Flo­ri­da. In the af­ter­math, shoo­ting sur­vi­vors or­ga­nize MRSEACH across the coun­try to pro­test against gun vio­lence. They are joi­ned by tens of thou­sands of stu­dents. M______ to shoot, shot, shot dead abattre, tuer (par balle) / in the af­ter­math à la suite de (l'évé­ne­ment).

March 4: The EMIVO The Shape of Wa­ter by Guiller­mo del To­ro wins four awards, in­clu­ding Best Pic­ture and Best Di­rec­tor, at the Os­cars 2018. M____ The Shape of Wa­ter (VF) La Forme de l'eau / award prix, ré­com­pense / pic­ture ici, film.

March 22: US Pre­sident Do­nald Trump im­poses ta­riffs on $60 bil­lion worth of Chi­nese im­ports. This marks the be­gin­ning of a ETRDA RAW. T____ W__ ta­riff droit de douane / bil­lion = bil­lion mil­liard / worth re­pré­sen­tant (une va­leur de).

May 3: Ki­lauea ONACLVO on Ha­waii’s Big Is­land be­gins erup­ting, for­cing eva­cua­tions and des­troying hun­dreds of homes in se­ve­ral neigh­bou­rhoods. V______ neigh­bou­rhood (GB) = neigh­bo­rhood (US) ici, zone, sec­teur.

May 19: Prince Har­ry mar­ries US ASECSTR Me­ghan Markle at Wind­sor Castle. Queen Eli­za­beth II grants them the titles of Duke and Du­chess of Sus­sex. A______ to grant oc­troyer, ac­cor­der.

May 26: Ire­land votes to re­peal the Eighth amend­ment. 66.4% vo­ted yes to le­ga­lize ATOINBOR A_______ to re­peal abro­ger / Eighth amend­ment (Cons­ti­tu­tion d'Ir­lande) amen­de­ment re­con­nais­sant le droit égal à la vie de la mère et de l'en­fant à naître (in­ter­di­sant de fac­to l'avor­te­ment).

June 12: US Pre­sident Do­nald Trump and North Ko­rean lea­der Kim Jong-un meet in Sin­ga­pore in a his­to­ri­cal STIMUM. S_____

June 20: US Pre­sident Do­nald Trump si­gns an exe­cu­tive DRERO en­ding fa­mi­ly se­pa­ra­tion at the bor­der for ille­gal im­mi­grants, af­ter in­tense po­li­ti­cal pres­sure. The po­li­cy had been im­ple­men­ted in April. O____ bor­der fron­tière / to im­ple­ment ap­pli­quer, mettre en oeuvre.

Ju­ly 8: Bri­tish Brexit Se­cre­ta­ry Da­vid Da­vis re­si­gns in a stand against Te­re­sa May’s “soft” Brexit stra­te­gy. The next day, Fo­rei­gn Se­cre­ta­ry Bo­ris John­son TSQIU too. L Q____ to re­si­gn dé­mis­sion­ner / in a stand against... pour mar­quer son op­po­si­tion à... / soft Brexit re­trait de l'UE avec main­tien de la libre cir­cu­la­tion des mar­chan­dises.

Ju­ly 11: En­gland reaches the se­mi-fi­nal at the Fi­fa World Cup 2018 but loses the HCAMT to Croa­tia. M____ to reach at­teindre, par­ve­nir (à, en) / Fi­fa = Fé­dé­ra­tion In­ter­na­tio­nale de Foot­ball As­so­cia­tion.

Au­gust 7: The Men­do­ci­no Fire be­comes the STGRALE re­cor­ded wild­fire in Ca­li­for­nia’s his­to­ry at 290,600 acres. L______ re­cor­ded ici, connu, ré­per­to­rié / wild­fire in­cen­die (dé­vas­ta­teur) / acre ar­pent (0,4 ha).

Oc­to­ber 6: Brett Ka­va­naugh is confir­med and SNROW in as the new Jus­tice of the US Su­preme Court, amid pro­tests, af­ter an FBI in­ves­ti­ga­tion fol­lo­wing sexual as­sault al­le­ga­tions. S____ Jus­tice juge / amid ici, dans un contexte de / sexual as­sault agres­sion sexuelle.

Oc­to­ber 17: Ca­na­da le­ga­lizes re­crea­tio­nal can­na­bis. It is the se­cond YTCNUOR af­ter Uru­guay to do so. C______ re­crea­tio­nal à usage ré­créa­tif.

No­vem­ber 6: Mid­term NEECLOTIS are held in the Uni­ted States. De­mo­crats re­take con­trol of the House of Re­pre­sen­ta­tives af­ter eight years while Re­pu­bli­cans ex­pand their ma­jo­ri­ty in the Se­nate. E________ mid­term (de) mi-man­dat.

No­vem­ber 13: The UK and the EU reach a draft Brexit agree­ment, of­fi­cial­ly DAPORVEP by all the EU lea­ders a couple of weeks la­ter. A_______ draft agree­ment pro­jet d'ac­cord.

De­cem­ber 2: US Pre­sident Do­nald Trump and Chi­nese Pre­sident Xi Jin­ping si­gn a trade war truce at a G-20 GEMENTI in Ar­gen­ti­na. M______ truce trêve.

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