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In the ear­ly 2000s, res­tau­rants star­ted to open in unu­sual ve­nues. Wap­ping Food, the res­tau­rant of The Wap­ping Pro­ject, a gal­le­ry hou­sed in a for­mer hy­drau­lic po­wer sta­tion in Lon­don, led the way. In 2018, Bri­tain has res­tau­rants lo­ca­ted in a for­mer Vic­to­rian toi­let (The At­ten­dant in Fitz­ro­via, Lon­don), in a green­house (Pe­ter­sham Nur­se­ries in Rich­mond, Sur­rey), in ship­ping contai­ners

(The Cook House in New­castle) and in a for­mer war­time fort (Spit­bank Fort in Ports­mouth).

ve­nue lieu (pu­blic) / to house ins­tal­ler / po­wer sta­tion cen­trale (élec­trique) / to lead, led, led the way ou­vrir la marche / to lo­cate si­tuer / green­house serre / ship­ping contai­ner conte­neur de trans­port / war­time (en temps) de guerre.

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