Une nou­velle place pour Fearless Girl (la fille sans peur)

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The Fearless Girl Sta­tue has been re­lo­ca­ted to stand op­po­site the New York Stock Ex­change. The 1.20m bronze sta­tue of a girl with a de­fiant look on her face was first un­vei­led in Bow­ling Green, in front of Wall Street’s bull sculp­ture, in March 2017. It was ori­gi­nal­ly com­mis­sio­ned to draw at­ten­tion to the lack of wo­men on the boards of fi­nan­cial ins­ti­tu­tions, and was meant to be tem­po­ra­ry, but be­came so po­pu­lar with New Yor­kers and tou­rists alike that it en­ded up staying. The sta­tue has just been mo­ved to its new lo­ca­tion be­cause the old spot rai­sed sa­fe­ty concerns. “We are wel­co­ming her with open arms,” Bet­ty Liu, exe­cu­tive vice chair­wo­man of the Ex­change, said in an in­ter­view.

to re­lo­cate trans­fé­rer, dé­pla­cer / to stand, stood, stood se te­nir / Stock Ex­change Bourse / to un­veil dé­voi­ler, inau­gu­rer / Bow­ling Green pe­tit jar­din pu­blic si­tué au pied de Broad­way / bull tau­reau / to com­mis­sion com­man­der / to draw, drew, drawn ici, at­ti­rer / lack manque / board conseil d’ad­mi­nis­tra­tion / to be meant to être cen­sé / alike sans dis­tinc­tion / lo­ca­tion place / to raise sou­le­ver, pro­vo­quer / sa­fe­ty (de) sé­cu­ri­té / concern ici, pro­blème / chair­wo­man pré­si­dente.

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