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Af­ter 18 years, Ger­ma­ny’s ru­ling Ch­ris­tian De­mo­cra­tic Union has a new lea­der. On 29 Oc­to­ber, fol­lo­wing ca­tas­tro­phic re­sults in recent state elec­tions and flag­ging poll num­bers, Ger­man Chan­cel­lor, An­ge­la Mer­kel, chose to re­si­gn as the CDU lea­der. An­ne­gret Kramp-Kar­ren­bauer was elec­ted to suc­ceed her in ear­ly De­cem­ber. A close al­ly of An­ge­la Mer­kel’s – who of­fi­cial­ly ba­cked her du­ring the suc­ces­sion cam­pai­gn –, An­ne­gret Kramp-Kar­ren­bauer is an eco­no­mic cen­trist in fa­vour of Ger­ma­ny’s mi­ni­mum wage, but has conser­va­tive so­cial views.

ru­ling au pou­voir / flag­ging en dé­clin / poll son­dage / to re­si­gn dé­mis­sion­ner (de son poste de) / al­ly al­lié / to back sou­te­nir / wage sa­laire.

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