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John le Car­ré’s new no­vel, Agent Run­ning

in the Field, will come out in Oc­to­ber 2019. The em­ble­ma­tic Bri­tish au­thor’s 25th no­vel will be set in Lon­don and will ta­ckle “the di­vi­sion and rage at the heart of our mo­dern world.” Its main pro­ta­go­nist will be a 26-year-old “so­li­ta­ry” man ma­king dan­ge­rous connec­tions while trying to re­sist the new po­li­ti­cal tur­bu­lence.

no­vel ro­man / to be set se dé­rou­ler / to ta­ckle abor­der / main prin­ci­pal / to make, made, made connec­tions nouer des contacts.

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