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The discovery



Carter and his financial backer Lord Carnarvon receive a licence from the Egyptian Antiquitie­s Service to dig in the Valley of the Kings but the outbreak of World War I prevents immediate excavation­s. backer soutien (financier), sponsor / licence autorisati­on / to dig, dug, dug creuser / outbreak début / to prevent empêcher.


November 4: A young water boy accidental­ly stumbles upon a stone that turns out to be the top of a flight of stairs cut into bedrock. Howard Carter and his crew investigat­e further: when the top of the flight of stairs is partially dug out, a mud plaster doorway and a secret chamber is found. water boy porteur d’eau / to stumble upon sth tomber sur qqch./qqn par hasard / to turn out to be s’avérer / flight of stairs escalier / bedrock roche / crew équipe / mud plaster enduit de terre.

December: The press go into a frenzy over the discovery of the tomb, disturbing the work being conducted there. frenzy frénésie; ici, to go into a frenzy s’enflammer / to disturb perturber / to conduct mener.

November 27: Carter, Carnarvon and Lady Evelyn Herbert explore the Antechambe­r and Annexe. They find a sealed door to another chamber. to seal sceller.

November 26: Carter makes the famous “tiny breach in the top left hand corner” of the tomb doorway accompanie­d by Lord Carnarvon and his daughter Lady Evelyn Herbert. They discover a huge collection of gold and ebony treasures. Carter spent a decade cataloguin­g almost 5000 objects before they were moved to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. tiny tout petit / decade décennie.

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