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is the lit­er­ary critic of Les In­rock­upt­ibles and French Vogue. She jumped into the deep end dur­ing this year’s lit­er­ary sea­son, as she is now no longer only a re­viewer, but also a writer, with the pub­li­ca­tion of her first novel, by Gras­set. Le Man­teau de Greta Garbo (!Greta Garbo’s Coat!) is an ex­plo­ration of ap­pear­ance and dress, based on an un­set­tling per­sonal anec­dote. At an auc­tion in Los An­ge­les, she pur­chased a red coat that had be­longed to Garbo, who had worn it for a long time. “Can a woman’s clothes tell her life story, en­lighten us as to the mys­ter­ies in her life? Why did Greta Garbo buy hun­dreds of dresses, which she never wore, as she only felt at home in men’s cloth­ing? For this is­sue of Vogue Hommes, Nelly Kaprièlian has com­piled a se­lec­tion of pho­tos of celebri­ties in bed, which in­spired her to imag­ine their nights off–cam­era ("p. 284").

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