VOGUE Hommes International (English) - - STAR MAN - By FRÉDÉRIC SANCHEZ

THE STRAN­GLERS “La Folie” (!from the al­bum “La Folie”, Lib­erty, 1981!)

SINGE CHROMÉS “On roule dans la nuit” (!from the al­bum “Singe chromés”, Me­di­apop Records, 2014!)

ALAIN BASHUNG “Junge Män­ner” (!from the al­bum “Play blessures”, Philips, 1982!)

JAC BER­RO­CAL ET AN­DREW LILES “Rock n’Roll Sta­tion” (!from the al­bum “Rock ’n’Roll Sta­tion”, Vul­tures­mu­sick, 2009!)

RICHARD PIN­HAS “La vérité est blanche” (!from the al­bum “East West”, CBS, 1980!) KARL– HEINZ SCHÄFER “Ex­térieur, Nuit” (!from the al­bum “Ex­térieur, Nuit”, Les Films noirs, 1980!)

CAR­LOS D’ALESSIO “Valse “Navire night”” (!from the al­bum ““In­dia Song” et autres musiques de films”, Le Chant du monde, 1984!)

GABRIEL YARED “Valse de Loretta” (!from the al­bum “La Lune dans le caniveau”, RCA, 1983!)

ELODIE LAUTEN “Tango (%Ver­sion for Pi­ano%)” (!from the al­bum “Pi­ano Works Re­vis­ited”, Un­seen Worlds, 2010!)

GHÉ­DALIA TAZARTÈS “Casi­modo tango” (!from the al­bum “Di­as­po­ras”, Cobalt, 1979!) ROBERT ASH­LEY “Fly­ing Saucer Di­a­logue” (!from the al­bum “Mu­sic from Mills”, Vis­i­bil­ity Mu­sic, 1986!)

JOHN CAGE “Imag­i­nary Land­scape No. 5” (!from the al­bum “Early Elec­tronic and Tape Mu­sic”, Sub Rosa, 2014!) TUXEDOMOON “Tore­ador del amor” (!from the al­bum “Pink Nar­cis­sus”, Crammed Discs, 2014!) BOYD RICE AND NON “Warm Leatherette” (!from the al­bum “Back to Mono”, Mute, 2012!) SE­CRETS OF THE MOON “Seven Bells” (!from the al­bum “Seven Bells”, Lu­pus Lounge, 2012!) ALAN VEGA “Fly Away” (!from the al­bum “Som­bre”, La­bels, 1999!)

PSY­CHIC TV / PTV3 “Kiss me (%Mag­got Brain%)” (!from the al­bum “The Bal­lad of Gen­e­sis and Lady Jaye”, Sweet Noth­ing Records, 2012!)

GÉRARD MANSET “Re­vivre” (!from the al­bum “Re­vivre”, EMI, 1991!)

Ex­clu­sively for Vogue Hommes, Frédéric Sanchez, sound il­lus­tra­tor and mu­si­cal mes­siah for fash­ion titans, has com­piled a highly orig­i­nal, sub­jec­tive and eclec­tic sound­track for keep­ing in­som­ni­acs company.

New York, 5th Av­enue, the black­out, Oc­to­ber 2012. Christophe Jacrot likes to pho­to­graph big ci­ties at their most disturbing. And of­ten at night. Haloes of mys­tery haunted by dark­ness. Bat­tered by the un­leashed fury of the el­e­ments, and de­serted by...

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