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This sum­mer, Donatella Versace isn’t do­ing things by halves. She even sees them colosseus max­imus. So here’s Ro­mu­lus strut­ting it with­out Re­mus on the rear deck of her 69–me­tre yacht, sail­ing full steam ahead for Gal­lia Transalpina ( that’s France to you ). Ro­mu­lus is dressed in the most quin­tes­sen­tial Versace white and gold — a white gla­tia­tor cut­away loin­cloth — the per­fect ve­hi­cle for the sculpted body that has earned him the nick­name “Mr Ve­su­vius”. Ro­mu­lus is also wear­ing a pair of thigh–hug­ging string shorts that leave lit­tle to the imag­i­na­tion. He’s also wear­ing a skimpy lace sin­glet dec­o­rated with needle­point de­pict­ing the Ha­vana sea front, a white bath sheet slung toga– like over his shoul­der, dec­o­rated with jel­ly­fish ( so Gianni! ) and golden am­phorae ( ditto Donatella! ), the per­fect prop for a re–run of the Pu­nic Wars or a pic­nic in the gar­dens of Hamil­car in Carthage … or a disco party in Beth­le­hem ( or, for that mat­ter, an ed­i­to­rial meet­ing at Vogue Hommes ).


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