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Death on Credit More perplexing and dis­jointed than his il­lus­tri­ous,

pre­vi­ous work ( Jour­ney to the End of Night), the novel also in­cludes, as an added bonus, long pas­sages set in the English town of Gravesend, Kent.

Rever­ies of the Soli­tary Walker

A para­noiac ac­count of the writer’s per­se­cu­tion in Paris and is­land ex­ile — com­pletely in­sane and full of

ex­tremely as­tute ob­ser­va­tions. Against the Grain The scene where the deca­dent aes­thete and aris­to­crat Des Es­seintes fails to board for Eng­land be­cause he is put off by the ros­b­ifs in the rail­way buf­fet at the Gare du Nord sums up ev­ery­thing you need to know about the French — and the English.

Es­says I be­came ac­quainted with Mon­taigne dur­ing a long,

lonely win­ter, when I lived alone on an iso­lated Scot­tish isle — we have been close friends ever since.

Mon­sieur Monde Van­ishes

Ac­cord­ing to Gide, Si­menon was a far bet­ter writer than he re­alised. One of the great tough nov­els, it is an

ex­plo­ration of the serendip­i­tous na­ture of hu­man iden­tity, as in­tense as Sartre’s or Ca­mus’s phi­los­o­phy.

Most re­cent pub­li­ca­tion: Shark,

hard­cover, 480 pages, Vik­ing (Septem­ber 2014), £ 13.99.

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