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What if our genes were gov­erned by the bac­te­ria in our bod­ies? This is the the­ory put for­ward by meta – ge­nomics, or the study of the genome of mi­cro – or­gan­isms ( mainly bac­te­ria ) that would ap­pear to in­ter­act with our own genes. It is said that they mod­u­late our im­mune sys­tem, the way our brain func­tions and even their host’s weight gain. “We no­ticed that the flora in the mouths of obese and over­weight peo­ple was im­bal­anced, with the pres­ence of a large quan­tity of a par­tic­u­lar cat­e­gory of bac­te­ria,” says Dr Lavinia Ionita. “Th­ese bac­te­ria slow down the ba­sic me­tab­o­lism and make peo­ple feel con­stantly hun­gry.” Restor­ing the right level of bac­te­rial flora could there­fore pos­si­bly be a good way to lose weight more quickly and op­ti­mise the way the whole body func­tions. Pending the ad­vent of re­li­able tests, Dr Ionita rec­om­mends re­bal­anc­ing the me­tab­o­lism with liq­uid chloro­phyll ( that can be made up by your lo­cal chemist ), a mix of pre – and pro­bi­otics ( Bionutrics Ul­traFlora Forte ) and a blend of plants ( Kap­parest Energetica by Bi­otics Re­search ).

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