“The best way to carry out a one – week detox pro­gramme is to eat healthily at lunchtime, then go on a mono – diet in the evening: one sea­sonal veg or as much veg­etable broth as you want. The less com­plex the meal, the more rest your body gets. You can add a dash of aloe vera juice to boost liver drain­ing. Or a clay cure to re­store the min­er­als, in ad­di­tion to pu­ri­fy­ing the body.”

Ti­gre Yoga Club, 19, rue de Chail­lot, Paris 16th “A good way to op­ti­mise the ef­fects of a detox diet is to en­rich your min­eral wa­ter with the flo­ral wa­ter of wild car­rot, ju­niper and rose­mary ( a soup spoon of each per litre ). They are full of ac­tive mol­e­cules that will help drain the tox­ins away. Have a glass of warm wa­ter in the morn­ing, then a spoon­ful of fresh pollen to clean your di­ges­tive sys­tem, as well as a green juice, if pos­si­ble sprin­kled with anti – in­flam­ma­tory gin­ger and turmeric. And since the kid­neys are put to the test dur­ing a detox, you can stim­u­late them by rub­bing in a drop of es­sen­tial oil of black spruce daily.” With an eye in­creas­ingly on per­for­mance, it isn’t enough for the lat­est con­nected ac­ces­sories to record our bio­met­ric mea­sure­ments. To­day, they can guide us dur­ing our ex­er­cise ses­sions. Keenly awaited by Ap­ple ad­dicts, Ap­ple Watch sets the goals be­fore you start to ex­er­cise and mo­ti­vates you to reach them via its Train­ing app, even in­di­cat­ing the pace you should be keep­ing. From € 350. The nu­mer­ous sen­sors of the new Jaw­bone bracelet an­a­lyse your fit­ness level in real time, from sleep qual­ity to heart rate and phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity. Jaw­bone Up3 also comes with a raft of rec­om­men­da­tions for im­prov­ing your per­for­mance. € 179. The Lyon – based start – up, Ci­tyzen Sciences, spe­cial­is­ing in con­nected tex­tiles, has now in­cor­po­rated into the fi­bres of its Dig­i­tal Shirt mi­crosen­sors that can record heart rate, speed, dis­tance cov­ered, slopes, etc., in real time, to see how many calo­ries you’ve used up and the level of ac­cu­mu­lated fa­tigue dur­ing a train­ing ses­sion. Once it’s strapped to your thigh, Leo can de­tect poorly co­or­di­nated move­ments, crit­i­cal lac­tic acid lev­els, and even mus­cle hy­dra­tion lev­els, to pre­vent in­juries by in­di­cat­ing the right time to stop and drink. It should be on the mar­ket within the next few months. Classes at U’Camp Boxing, at the Usine Opéra of­fer an hour’s high – pow­ered train­ing. Non – stop move­ments taken from English, French and Thai boxing won’t leave you a mo­ment to catch your breath. The classes are truly cathar­tic and will boost your heart rate, evac­u­ate stress and ten­sion, sharpen your re­flexes and give you both punch and speed. An ac­tion – packed pro­gramme !

L’Usine Opéra 8, rue de la Mi­chodière, Paris 2nd Tem­ple Noble Art is the place where white – col­lar “work­ers ” go in Paris, whether they are fans of French, English, Thai or kick boxing. The train­ing takes place in a con­verted 18th – cen­tury fac­tory. There are three dif­fer­ent ar­eas: the ar­se­nal, where stu­dents work on their agility, power, speed and tech­ni­cal moves; the punch­ing bags, where they learn to punch ac­cu­rately; and the ring, for fights be­tween gen­tle­men, be­fore they go to the lounge for a drink.

VH Tem­ple Noble Art, 11, rue Molière, Paris 1st

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