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VOGUE HOMMES How would you de­fine your style?

BEN COBB El­e­gant, mas­cu­line, clas­sic and with a lit­tle flesh on show.

VOGUE HOMMES What are the key pieces in your wardrobe?

BEN COBB I love beau­ti­ful tai­lor­ing. Jack­ets with strong shoul­ders and wide lapels. Fit­ted trousers with a flare. And I al­ways like a bit of a heel.


What are your favourite vin­tage items? BEN COBB At the mo­ment, my favourite is a 1970s’ brown YSL blazer with gold but­tons: it’s long like a rid­ing jacket, has su­per wide lapels and is very tight on the waist — a great shape. My big­gest vin­tage ob­ses­sion is prob­a­bly cow­boy shirts.

VOGUE HOMMES Tai­lor­ing?

BEN COBB The ul­ti­mate has to be Ed­ward Sex­ton. Ed­ward worked at Tommy Nutter, rev­o­lu­tion­is­ing Sav­ile Row in the 60s and pi­o­neer­ing a new style in men’s tai­lor­ing: sweep­ing lapels, very tight waists and wide trousers. Just in­cred­i­bly el­e­gant. He made suits for John Len­non, El­ton John and Mick Jag­ger. He made me a be­spoke three–piece suit a few years ago, recre­at­ing a vin­tage one for Ringo Starr — the fit is per­fec­tion. Ed­ward is a master. —›

Bell–bot­toms, shirt un­but­toned to re­veal a per­fectly sculpted chest, a daz­zling smile in the shadow of an im­pec­ca­bly trimmed mous­tache… Ben Cobb’s 1970s’ sil­hou­ette is com­pellingly flaw­less. In ad­di­tion to his per­sonal style, straight out of The Deuce, and revered by pho­tog­ra­phers of street looks, the ed­i­tor—in—chief of An­other Man has the good taste to be as well turned out as he is charm­ing. What more could you ask to make this Lon­doner born and bred, a fan of Ital­ian hor­ror movies and sleazy disco, one of the fash­ion world’s most in­spir­ing “ur­bane men” of the mo­ment.

In his lounge, wear­ing a V–neck jumper and shirt by Dries Van Noten, and a pair of Gucci jeans. To the right, a drinks trol­ley de­signed by Aldo Tura. “Hel­mut Berger, Yves Saint Lau­rent and Pa­solini are the holy trin­ity of style for me.”


BEN COBB I wear shirts ev­ery­day. I have a lot of sa­fari, west­ern and silk shirts. But I like to wear them un­but­toned, ex­pos­ing chest and jew­ellery. I think shirts can add a very sen­sual el­e­ment to dress­ing.

VOGUE HOMMES Who are your favourite de­sign­ers?

BEN COBB I buy a lot of Gucci tai­lor­ing; I love the strong sil­hou­ette of Alessan­dro Michele’s jack­ets and trousers. You can’t beat the fit of a Tom Ford shirt. I’m a big fan of Dries Van Noten and his sense of re­laxed op­u­lence. And Saint Lau­rent is my go–to for leather jack­ets and boots.

VOGUE HOMMES What’s the most ec­cen­tric piece you’ve ever worn?

BEN COBB I don’t think I wear any­thing ec­cen­tric. One man’s ec­cen­tric is an­other man’s daily uni­form. VOGUE HOMMES Is there a “pièce de ré­sis­tance” you buy sea­son af­ter sea­son? BEN COBB I don’t change my style. I just keep ex­pand­ing on it, adding vari­a­tions on the same theme. But, for me, a win­ter coat is al­ways a big state­ment; re­cent ad­di­tions are a beau­ti­ful Bot­tega Veneta teddy bear coat and a Kent & Cur­wen full–length tweed over­coat.

Stand­ing in front of a Shuji Ter­ayama print, wear­ing a Tom Ford suede cow­boy shirt and a pair of Gucci cor­duroy trousers.

VOGUE HOMMES Your first mem­ory of a well–dressed man?

BEN COBB Grow­ing up, my fa­ther was al­ways very stylish — he still is — so he played an im­por­tant role in my un­der­stand­ing of style. But I re­mem­ber a spe­cific mo­ment as a child see­ing the ac­tor David Niven be­ing in­ter­viewed on Michael Parkin­son’s TV chat show. Niven was wear­ing a grey suit with a match­ing light blue shirt and tie. He was so at ease and im­pec­ca­bly turned–out, such a glam­orous man, he seemed from an­other time and world al­to­gether. But what also struck me was his man­ner: like his clothes, he was grace­ful and el­e­gant — the con­sum­mate gen­tle­man. And he al­ways had the best sto­ries.

VOGUE HOMMES Style icons?

BEN COBB Hel­mut Berger, Pier Paolo Pa­solini and Yves Saint Lau­rent … They’re the holy trin­ity of style for me.

VOGUE HOMMES What is your def­i­ni­tion of “chic”?

BEN COBB An ef­fort­less style. But it’s not just about what you’re wear­ing, it’s how you hold your­self and how you be­have; it’s about style in ev­ery­thing you do. Dis­cre­tion, man­ners, how you move: they’re as chic as a beau­ti­fully cut pair of trousers. Chic is a way of be­ing. VOGUE HOMMES Do you have any fash­ion no–nos? BEN COBB It’s a long list but num­ber one has to be no socks with shoes. To­tally un­ac­cept­able. VOGUE HOMMES What are you most likely to wear on a date?

VOGUE HOMMES What do you wear for the evening?

BEN COBB I’m ob­sessed with the se­duc­tive al­lure of the evening, I love the feel­ing that any­thing is pos­si­ble af­ter dark. Evening­wear should be sexy and glam­orous. For for­mal oc­ca­sions, I might wear my vel­vet Dries Van Noten tuxedo — the high–waisted trousers are so wide and lux­u­ri­ous — teamed with a pearl silk shirt. And I al­ways en­joy wear­ing my Cavalli jewel–en­crusted choco­late brown evening jacket: it’s so baroque. —›

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