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La­te­ly, a wa­ve of ill hu­mor with a spa­te of in­de­ci­si­on took a par­ti­cu­lar toll on my rea­ding. Ma­ga­zi­ne ar­ti­cles see­med too long, short sto­ry collec­tions felt frag­men­ted, a no­vel­la left a bland im­pres­si­on. Me­anw­hi­le, a few no­vels ro­ta­ted in and out of my back­pack, even though each took at least one turn to tra­vel with me, no­ne we­re read. As I fre­quen­ted book­shops, I could not es­cape the image of my night­stand book pi­le gro­wing yet ano­ther tier. Cle­ar­ly, I was in a mood which ma­ni­fes­ted in a li­tera­ry sulk. I nee­ded to mend the rift bet­ween a de­si­re to read and an ina­bi­li­ty to com­mit. I tur­ned to two un­re­la­ted fri­ends for help, to my sur­pri­se both their re­com­men­da­ti­ons vee­red from the fic­tion path I had thus far tre­a­ded. The first was Mon­grels or Mar­vels: The Le­van­ti­ne Wri­tings of Jac­que­line Sho­het Ka­ha­n­off edi­ted by De­bo­rah A. Starr and Sas­son So­mekh. A collec­tion of es­says and fic­tion wri­ting by the Egyp­ti­an-born Is­rae­li in­tel­lec­tu­al who coi­ned the term “Le­van­ti­nism” to con­no­te a Midd­le Eas­tern so­ci­al mo­del. The se­cond was The Wret­ched of the Earth by Frantz Fa­non, the Mar­ti­ni­que born psych­ia­trist who wro­te du­ring the Al­ge­ri­an war and who­se book is con­side­red a pil­lar of an­ti-co­lo­ni­al thought. It seems stran­ge that the­se complex and at ti­mes hea­vy sub­jects we­re the ones that pul­led me th­rough. May­be it was luck or the zeit­geist or the ad­vi­sa­bi­li­ty of ex­po­sing one’s self to mul­ti­ple per­spec­tives. A re­min­der to open up dia­lo­gue, es­pe­cial­ly in trou­bled ti­mes.

TAKSIM IST ÜBER­ALL Le­sen für die Mei­nungs­frei­heit: Von der ak­tua­li­sier­ten Son­der­aus­ga­be sei­nes hoff­nungs­vol­len Re­por­ta­ge­bu­ches zur Ge­zi-Be­we­gung ist be­reits die zwei­te Auf­la­ge ge­druckt. Zu­sätz­lich zu dem Au­to­ren­ho­no­rar geht je ein So­li­da­ri­täts­eu­ro pro ver­kauf­tes Buch an De­niz Yücel, der be­reits seit Mit­te Fe­bru­ar in der Tür­kei in Un­ter­su­chungs­haft sitzt. Aus dem Ge­fäng­nis

her­aus bat er Freun­de und Kol­le­gen, ein­zel­ne Kapitel noch­mals zu re­di­gie­ren

und sei­ne Jour­na­lis­ten-Kol­le­gen Do­ris Akrap, Da­ni­el-Dy­lan Böh­mer und Öz­lem Topçu ha­ben das be­we­gen­de, ak­tu­el­le

Vor­wort ge­schrie­ben.

WHY I MARCH: Images from the Wo­men‘s Mar­ches around the World Abrams, 176 Sei­ten, ca. 13,70 Eu­ro 4.2017

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