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To­kyo Ghoul, De­ath No­te, A-Day, Corp­se Par­ty, Burning 2 – On Ice, Pfad des Krie­gers, Bro­ther­hood Of Bla­des 2, Bad Sa­ma­ri­tan, De­tec­tive Dee – Die Le­gen­de der himm­li­schen 4 Kö­ni­ge, Ju­ras­sic Ga­mes, Fu­ture World, Escape Plan 2 – Ha­des, Juice, Ca­li­gu­la (Un­cut), Hereditary, Fred­dy/Ed­dy, Die Un­zer­trenn­li­chen, An­ti­vi­ral, Pa­ti­ent Ze­ro, Sum­mer Of 84, Die letz­te Par­ty Dei­nes Le­bens, What The Wa­ters Left Be­hind, He’s Out The­re, The Fog

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