Even the parts that you can’t see.

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of pla­tes, bridges, and le­vers are cham­fe­red, which me­ans they are be­vel­led at a con­stant ang­le and then po­lis­hed. So­me bridges and par­ti­cu­lar­ly the ba­lan­ce cock are ador­ned in a spe­cial way: with a hand-en­gra­ved flo­ral pat­tern that ma­kes each Lan­ge watch uni­que. To ma­ke su­re the la­vish de­co­ra­ti­ons and the pre­cise in­ter­ac­tion of se­veral hund­red in­di­vi­du­al parts do not re­main to­tal­ly con­cea­led, each Lan­ge watch is fit­ted with a sapphi­re-crys­tal case­back. Tre­at yours­elf to a clo­ser look. www.al­an­ge-so­eh­ne.com

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