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A Glo­bal Stan­dard Re-de­fi­ned.

Production Partner - - Report | Wiener Burgtheate­r -

Per­fect for outs­ide broad­cast ve­hi­cle di­men­si­ons: 64 fa­ders fit across most stan­dard in­stal­la­ti­ons. 21.5” su­per-pre­cise full HD touch­screens, co­lor-tfts in chan­nel strips and touch-sen­si­ti­ve co­lor-coded en­coders Ex­ten­ded free con­trols with di­rect ac­cess to four pa­ra­me­ters in ad­di­ti­on to gain Dust-pro­of long-life high-per­for­mance fa­ders De­si­gned for mul­ti-user ope­ra­ti­on Li­ve­view™ Vi­deo La­bels Ip-sha­re™ Gain Com­pen­sa­ti­on Par­al­lel “New York” Com­pres­si­on Au­to­ma­ted mi­xing as­sis­tants in­cl. Au­to­mix, Au­dio-fol­low-vi­deo, Down­mix, AMBIT Up­mix and KICK 2.0

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