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Light­ing and pro­duc­tion de­sign: Patrick Woo­drof­fe As­so­cia­te Light­ing De­si­gner: Ro­land Greil Set De­si­gner: Mis­ty Buck­ley Vi­deo Con­tent: Sam Pat­tin­son & Liz­zie Pockock / Tre­at­ment Stu­di­os Light­ing Pro­gram­mer: Ro­land Greil Light­ing Di­rec­tor: Ro­land Greil Me­dia Ser­ver Pro­gram­mer and Ope­ra­tor: Ray Wil­li­ams Ca­me­ra Di­rec­tor: Rua­ry Mac­phie Light­ing Cr­ew Chief: Lu­ke Ra­din Dim­mer tec: Matt Flood Light­ing Cr­ew: Tom Bai­ley, An­dy HED Thomp­son, Frank Kel­ly, Neil John­son Light­ing Ad­van­ce A: Ste­ve Ship­man, Paul How­ling, Da­ve Mc­cul­loch, Phil De Bois­sie­re Light­ing Ad­van­ce B: Paul „PK“Kell, Ben Ho­well, Chris Thomp­son, Da­ve Cox Light­ing Ven­dor: Ne­ge­arth Pro­duc­tion Ma­na­ger: Ho­ward Hop­kins Tour Ma­na­ger: Ste­ve Pud Jones

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