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Walter Crass­ho­le’s co­lumn for our Eng­lish-spea­king re­a­ders

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March is an un­derapp­re­cia­ted month. Per­haps it's be­cau­se our me­tro­po­lis tends to pack in as much as pos­si­ble into the pre­ce­ding months and Ber­li­ners are just ex­hausted. That New Ye­ar smell has worn off, and 2014 al­re­a­dy seems li­ke a lo­ver you've grown ti­red of. It ain't pret­ty, but it's chill, and I'll ta­ke that. A num­ber of this month's events ha­ve a mo­re se­rious to­ne to them whi­le still de­man­ding so­me at­ten­ti­on. The Sochi Olym­pics firm­ly took the torch in terms of ou­tra­ge­ous at­ten­ti­on last month, but it should not be for­got­ten that the­se an­ti-gay at­ti­tu­des ha­ve had a mo­re si­nis­ter face in sub-Sa­ha­ran Af­ri­ca for a lon­ger time. This month Ber­lin's de­light­ful dork of the dan­ce sce­ne, Con­st­an­za Ma­cras, and her com­pa­ny, Dor­ky­park, are pre­sen­ting On Fi­re:

Ar­tis­tic Ex­ch­an­ge with South Af­ri­can Ar­tists on Gen­der and Tra­di­ti­on (Feb. 28 - Apr. 26 at Stu­dio 44), ex­plo­ring sub­jects li­ke LGBTI peop­le in Af­ri­ca, gen­der ex­pres­si­on and sour­ces of op­pres­si­on. With se­ven dif­fe­rent per­for­man­ces and sho­w­ings spre­ad throughout March and bey­ond, I won't go into spe­ci­fics, but ma­ke su­re to check out the full pro­gram yours­elf. Ce­le­bra­ting ano­ther strugg­le, In­ter­na­tio­nal Wo­men's Day is co­m­ing up. Litt­le known whe­re I'm from, the day has its roots in a so­cia­list con­fe­rence in Co­pen­ha­gen in 1910. Wi­de­ly re­co­gni­zed by coun­tries with so­cia­list back­grounds, in lef­tist Ber­lin, the day still has legs with de­mos and work­shops. And of cour­se, par­ties: Co­in­ci­ding with Frau­en­tag this ye­ar is the de­but of Li­sa (Mar. 8, 21:00 at Süd­block). Up the dy­kes! Along the sa­me li­nes, Ber­lin's first Fe­mi­nist Film Week (Mar. 8 - 13 at Ba­by­lon Mit­te) is laun­ching. With no fi­xed pro­gram at the time of press, I can just say that the cu­rious ci­ne­phi­le who's not bur­ned out by Ber­li­na­le should ta­ke a look. Ci­ne­ma­tic bur­nout is a re­al thing, but if I can push you a litt­le fur­ther, go see the films of

Jan Sol­dat (Mar. 24, 20:00 at Volks­büh­ne). They skill­ful­ly do­cu­ment the outs­iders among a ho­mo­nor­ma­ti­ve gay cul­tu­re. One of the th­ree films scree­ning – all auf­Deutsch with Eng­lish subs – will be the na­tio­nal pre­mie­re of The In­com­ple­te, sho­w­ing the son of a Na­zi of­fi­cer who wants to live as a sla­ve. (So tech­ni­cal­ly, that me­ans one Ger­man sub.) De­ca­de-trip­per and new-age-step­ping Swe­dish pop ar­tist Ne­neh Cher­ry will be su­re not to disap­point this month. The wo­man raw as su­shi has had her hand in ever­y­thing from punk to rap to pop mu­sic and re­turns this ye­ar with her first new so­lo al­bum in 18 ye­ars, Blan­kPro­ject. The one-time Slit and re­cent Ro­byn col­la­bo­ra­tor per­forms for the Sie­ges­säu­le-pre­sen­ted Cer­tain Peop­le (Mar. 6, 21:00 at Berg­hain). Of cour­se I ha­ve to men­ti­on that the entran­ce to Ne­ver­land is open again with Ge­gen (Mar. 7, 23:00 at KitKa­tClub), Ber­lin's best un­der­ground par­ty. You could ac­tual­ly dou­ble your plea­su­re the­re this month, as the fa­mous­ly he­do­nis­tic ve­nue ce­le­bra­tes its two de­ca­des of exis­tence with 20 Jah­re KitKa­tClub (Mar. 1, 22:00). So, I've gi­ven you ple­nty of op­por­tu­nities to catch me out and about, but if it's me you're re­al­ly af­ter, and you'd al­so li­ke me to sho­ve my mu­sic tas­tes (which I've be­en told are qui­te tas­ty) down your throat, I'll be DJing the Ma­ke Out Ma­ga­zi­ne Print

So­li-Par­ty (Mar. 6, 22:00 at Mio'L). This isn't just sha­me­l­ess self-pro­mo­ti­on; the mag its­elf re­al­ly is a wor­thy ad­di­ti­on to Ber­lin's queer sce­ne and de­ser­ves your sup­port. In all se­rious­ness, till next month, kids.

Walter Crass­ho­le mo­ved from San Fran­cis­co to Ber­lin in 2009. He al­so wri­tes for Ex­ber­li­ner

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