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> With 26 fea­tu­re films, 13 do­cu­men­ta­ries and 90 shorts, the tenth an­nu­al Porn Film Fes­ti­val – ta­king place Oc­to­ber 21–25 – lea­ves not­hing to the ima­gi­na­ti­on. Berlin may be be­hind when it co­mes to food and fa­shion, but no ot­her me­tro­po­lis is mo­re pro­gres­si­ve when it co­mes to porn. De­pic­ting a va­rie­ty of se­xu­al ori­en­ta­ti­ons, gen­ders, bo­dies and fe­tis­hes has al­ways be­en part of the fes­ti­val's pro­gram, and this ye­ar's spe­cial fo­cus is on disa­bi­li­ty. Se­veral films show that peop­le with men­tal and phy­si­cal chal­len­ges al­so ha­ve li­bi­dos, in­clu­ding In­dian nar­ra­ti­ve Mar­ga­ri­ta with a Straw and Spa­nish doc yes, we fuck. Too bad that Mo­vie­men­to ci­ne­ma isn't whee­l­chair-ac­ces­si­ble, but the or­ga­ni­zers are awa­re of the is­sue and are try­ing to find a so­lu­ti­on. Al­ways pro­ving that wo­men can hold their own be­hind the ca­me­ra as well, the fes­ti­val has selec­ted Ca­the­ri­ne Cor­rin­ger (Smooth) and Emi­lie Jou­vet (My Bo­dy, My Ru­les), both les­bi­ans from Fran­ce, as this ye­ar's filmma­kers in fo­cus. The­re is al­so a re­tro­s­pec­tive on “grand­fa­ther of gay porn” Pe­ter de Ro­me, pre­sen­ted by SIE­GES­SÄU­LE, in­clu­ding a do­cu­men­ta­ry – re­leased short­ly be­fo­re his de­ath last ye­ar – and his 1976 film The De­s­troy­ing An­gel. Ano­ther pro­mi­sing pic is Han­ky Co­de: The Mo­vie, a queer antho­lo­gy film out of San Fran­cis­co. Roy G. Biv be dam­ned; he­re, no fe­wer than 25 co­lors of the hand­ker­chief rain­bow – each re­pre­sen­ting a dif­fe­rent fe­tish – get in­ter­pre­ted by a dif­fe­rent di­rec­tor. Of cour­se the­re's ple­nty of lo­cal love too, in­clu­ding the world pre­mie­re of Ma­rit Öst­berg's la­test work, plus the Berlin Porn Shorts sec­tion. Of cour­se, watching na­ked bo­dies on-screen can be­co­me ti­re­so­me, so the­re are al­so ot­her ac­tivi­ties to en­joy in the fle­sh. Se­veral work­shops touch on ever­y­thing from fis­ting to fe­ma­le eja­cu­la­ti­on to bon­da­ge, and let’s not for­get the big par­ty: On Sa­tur­day night at Prin­ce Charles, Stock­holm duo Ka­rim & Ka­ram will DJ and Ma­dLick will per­form. Sun­day eve­ning brings the official clo­sing film, Bri­tish les­bi­an S&M dra­ma The Du­ke of Bur­gun­dy (pic­tu­red), along with the award ce­re­mo­ny at Süd­block with a DJ set by Bru­ce LaB­ru­ce. Hor­ny yet? < Jo­ey Han­som porn­film­fes­ti­val­ber­lin.de

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