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Can sa­me-sex cou­ples ma­ke good par­ents? Let’s con­sult the ex­perts: kids who we­re rai­sed by them. The do­cu­men­ta­ry Gay­by­Ba­by (sce­ne pic­tu­red) screens Dec. 6, 22:00 at Ba­by­lon Ki­no > "Bree­der" used to be an in­sult that queers hur­led at he­te­ros. To­day, bree­ding is the next fron­tier in the LGBT rights mo­ve­ment. Now that sa­me-sex mar­ria­ge is be­co­m­ing mo­re wi­de­ly ac­cep­ted, les­bi­ans and gays are chan­ting: You got­ta fight – for your right – to par­ent! Ger­ma­ny’s ci­vil uni­ons fall short of full mar­ria­ge rights, par­ti­cu­lar­ly when it co­mes to ad­op­ti­on. Part of the grea­ter strugg­le are trans* people who are forced to un­der­go ste­ri­liza­t­i­on in Fran­ce, Nor­way, Ja­pan and ma­ny ot­her coun­tries in or­der to gain le­gal re­co­gni­ti­on of their gen­der. Re­gard­less of whe­ther one pre­fers sex as pro­crea­ti­on ver­sus re­crea­ti­on, it's sa­fe to say: Sa­me-sex par­ents are, sta­tis­ti­cal­ly spea­king, bet­ter. Why? Vir­tual­ly no un­plan­ned pregnan­cies and the­re­fo­re, no un­wan­ted child­ren. For the most part, they get born or ad­op­ted in­to a wel­co­m­ing, lo­ving fa­mi­ly. Of cour­se, so­me­ti­mes lo­gic doe­sn't ap­p­ly when it co­mes to go­vern­men­tal po­li­cy. So­me­ti­mes ar­gu­ments need to ap­peal to emo­ti­on – the film Gay­by­Ba­by might just be able to ha­ve so­me sway. Aus­tra­li­an do­cu­men­ta­ri­an Ma­ya Ne­well felt that child­ren's voices we­re being left out of the de­ba­te on sa­me-sex mar­ria­ge and LGBT pa­ren­ting. Rai­sed by two moms her­s­elf (and turning out just fi­ne), she set out to show the rea­li­ties – ho­we­ver dra­ma­tic or ba­nal – of kids rai­sed by gay and les­bi­an cou­ples, wi­thout any po­li­ti­cal over­to­nes. Ac­tual­ly, though, the film has ad­ded fu­el to the fi­re: Con­ser­va­ti­ve Chris­ti­ans we­re able to get the film ban­ned from being shown in high schools in New South Wa­les, Aus­tra­lia. He­re in Ger­ma­ny, too, we ha­ve or­ga­ni­zed groups of Be­sorg­teEl­tern (“con­cer­ned par­ents” – as in, con­cer­ned with con­trol­ling ot­her people's li­ves) who are op­po­sing equal rights and LGBT vi­si­bi­li­ty. To so­me, sa­me-sex cou­ples are so bad that we need to prevent them from st­ar­ting fa­mi­lies, and fur­ther­mo­re, the ve­ry no­ti­on of a sa­me-sex coup­le is enough to cor­rupt a child's mind. Gay­by­Ba­by gets its Ber­lin pre­mie­re on De­cem­ber 6 at Ba­by­lon Ki­no, pre­sen­ted by Ber­lin Fe­mi­nist Film Week. Pro­du­cer Char­lot­te Mars will be in at­ten­dance for a dis­cus­sion to fol­low the scree­ning.< jh

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