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Egyptian attack victim gives harrowing testimony


An Egyptian fisherman who had been assaulted in June 2012, allegedly by supporters of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party, told a panel of judges at the trial of party members yesterday that he was still afraid to walk on the street. Ebarak Abuzeid said, through a translator, that he has been unable to work since the attack four years ago as a result of the injuries he suffered. “I’m dead, as I can’t work to bring up my children. It will make no difference if they kill me outside the courtroom,” he said. Abuzeid was attacked while he was sleeping on the rooftop terrace of a house in Perama, on the outskirts of Piraeus. In his detailed account, he said that two or three people dressed in black appeared on the roof and attacked him with wooden clubs and an iron weapon, breaking his teeth and leaving him with serious head injuries. “They said they had come to slaughter me,” he said. “They left when they thought I was dead. If they’d known I was still alive, they wouldn’t have gone.” He said he believed his attackers were members or supporters of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.

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