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* The new trend com­ing from Ger­many is beer-yoga, mean­ing prac­tic­ing yoga hold­ing a bot­tle of beer. A can will not do…

* Ice­land is pro­duc­ing a beer fla­vored with smoked whale’s tes­ti­cles. Drink re­spon­si­bly..

* The world’s strong­est beer is “Snake Venom”, which is pro­duced in Scot­land and has 67,5% al­co­hol.

* The world’s most ex­pen­sive beer is “Antarc­tic Nail Ale” and costs more than 800€. There are less than 30 bot­tles avail­able, hurry!

* The old­est brew any­one has been able to repli­cate comes from a 5000-year-old recipe found in the Sume­rian “Hymn to Ninkasi.”

* Cenosil­l­i­ca­pho­bia is the fear of an empty beer glass * Slugs love beer

* More Guin­ness beer is drunk in Nige­ria than in Ire­land

* There are beer-pools in Aus­tria as beer is rich in vi­ta­mins and cal­cium. The beer is kept hot, but you can al­ways or­der a cool one..

* It is said that a Scots­man had the long­est hang­over af­ter hav­ing con­sumed 28 liters of beer- it lasted 4 weeks

* “Hang­over” in Nor­we­gian is di­rectly trans­lated to “car­pen­ters in the head”.

* Frosty glasses cause beer to foam.

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