Santorini Traveler - - CULTUR TOURS - by Aristo­phanes

The main hero is Chre­my­los, a bank­rupt farmer who is at a loss to un­der­stand why he lost his for­tune, de­spite be­ing hon­est and pi­ous. Chre­my­los and his slave, Car­ion, nurse Plu­tus to health. Blinded by Zeus, Plu­tus is un­able to dis­tin­guish be­tween the just and the un­just, the hon­ourable and the dis­hon­ourable. When Plu­tus fi­nally re­gains his sight, jus­tice is ac­cord­ingly re­stored. Aristo­phanes’ com­edy is a wink to the au­di­ence, in­di­cat­ing what he would con­sider fair in an ideal po­lis: ev­ery­one get­ting their just deserts.

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