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at Colonus by Sopho­cles Oedi­pus, close to the end of his life, seeks the tem­ple of Athena at Colonus. The Cho­rus at­tempts to drive him out. How­ever, King Th­e­seus par­dons him and al­lows him to stay, both be­cause he is a sup­pli­ant and be­cause Oedi­pus prom­ises to re­pay the kind­ness if they al­low him to have Colonus as his fi­nal rest­ing place. Creon ar­rives from Thebes to claim Oedi­pus; how­ever, his ef­forts are met with re­sis­tance by Th­e­seus and the citizens of Athens. Polyn­ices also ar­rives in Athens and asks his father to take his side in the up­com­ing bat­tle against Eteo­cles. Oedi­pus curses both his sons. Sud­denly, Zeus’ thun­der sig­ni­fies that the time has come for Oedi­pus to meet his end. Oedi­pus, ac­com­pa­nied by Th­e­seus, pro­ceeds to his bury­ing place, blessing Athens and Th­e­seus for their hospitality. Di­rec­tor: Yan­nis Kokkos

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