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Hello Boys and Girls, Let’s see how well you will an­swer the fol­low­ing ques­tions based on the top­ics we have done thus far. Then we will move on to learn about Na­tional Hon­ours and Awards.

Choose the cor­rect re­sponse for each ques­tion from the re­sponses given. The re­sponses are A, B, C and D.


The first Euro­pean set­tle­ment was es­tab­lished in Guiana by the (A) French (B) Dutch (C) Bri­tish (D) Por­tuguese


When was the first Euro­pean set­tle­ment es­tab­lished in Bri­tish Guiana? (A) 1616 (B) 1627 (C) 1741 (D) 1773


(A) (B)

(C) (D)

The sec­ond Euro­pean es­tab­lished in 1627 at Fort Nas­sau up the Ber­bice River. in 1616 at Fort Kyk-over-al in the Esse­quibo River. in 1744 at Fort Zee­landia on the Esse­quibo River. in 1784 at Stabroek at the mouth of the De­mer­ara River.

set­tle­ment was

En­slaved Africans were brought to Bri­tish Guiana to pop­u­late the coun­try. ease over pop­u­la­tion in their coun­try. pro­vide labour. re­lieve the Amerindi­ans of hard work. 5.

(A) (C)

6. (A)

(B) (C) (D)


(A) (C)


(A) (B) (C) (D)

9. (A) (C)

10. When Guyana was a Bri­tish colony it was ruled by Gover­nor Gen­eral Duke (B) Sec­re­tary Gen­eral (D) King or Queen

Be­fore 1966 the Union Jack was used in Guyana be­cause The Dutch West In­dia Com­pany con­trolled the coun­try. Guyana be­longed to the Bri­tish. Guyana was a Dutch colony. Guyana was not a free coun­try.

In 1831 Esse­quibo, De­mer­ara and Ber­bice were united as one colony by Spain (B) The Nether­lands France (D) Britain

The lead­ers who cham­pi­oned the cause for Guyana’s in­de­pen­dence were Peter D’Aguiar and Sa­muel hinds Cheddi Ja­gan and Janet Ja­gan Forbes Burn­ham and Cheddi Ja­gan Forbes Burn­ham and Des­mond Hoyte

Guyana be­came an in­de­pen­dent na­tion on 1st Au­gust 1838 (B) 4th May, 1962 26th May, 1966 (D) 23rd Fe­bru­ary, 1970

Un­der the sys­tem of vot­ing called Pro­por­tional Rep­re­sen­ta­tion, the po­lit­i­cal party which ob­tains the ma­jor­ity of votes be­comes the op­po­si­tion. forms the gov­ern­ment. se­lects the mi­nor­ity leader. nom­i­nates the Deputy Speaker.

11. The first pre­mier of Bri­tish Guiana was (A) Cheddi Ja­gan. (B) Forbes Burn­ham. (C) Arthur Chung. (D) Peter D’Aguiar.


(A) (C)


The Duke of Kent handed over in­stru­ments of In­de­pen­dence to Arthur Chung. (B) Cheddi Ja­gan. Peter D’Aguiar. (D) Forbes Burn­ham. the

The Na­tional An­them, The Na­tional Coat-of Arms and the Golden Ar­row­head are called sym­bols of Na­tion­hood. Unity. (B) The Monar­chy. (D) Free­dom.

The pro­tec­tion for our na­tion is rep­re­sented on our Coat-of-Arms by jaguars (B) a shield (D) a head­dress a flower

Com­plete the fol­low­ing 15. What two changes came along with

in­de­pen­dence for Guyana?

16. Four sym­bols we can iden­tify Guyana by are _____________, ______________, __________________ and _________________.

17. Two qual­i­ties of a loyal Guyanese are _________________ and ____________________.

Good­bye boys and girls, un­til next week when the topic of Na­tional Hon­ours and Awards will be dealt with.

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