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I’ll then tell them to print out a cal­en­dar and post it where they’ll see it ev­ery day. From there I’ll tell them to write down their process goals so that each day they fol­low through they can place a check­mark or cross them off on the cal­en­dar. The idea is to achieve 90% com­pli­ance each week.

There’s some­thing mag­i­cal that hap­pens when peo­ple are able to see le­git­i­mate proof that they’re nail­ing their goals. It helps to keep them ac­count­able and on task. And, af­ter a while, the law of con­sis­tency will take over. Granted, they will not see change im­me­di­ately, but they won’t look like Steve Urkle ei­ther.

A Work­out Log

I had a client ex­press frus­tra­tion that he wasn’t see­ing the strength gains he’d hoped for. I looked at his pro­gramme and no­ticed it was blank. The ex­er­cises were listed of course, along with the num­ber of sets and reps re­quested, but that was it. No creases in the pa­per, chicken scratch, or even stick fig­ures to re­mind him what a pull-through was. It was as if I had handed him his pro­gramme an hour ago.

I asked him: “So, uh, how much weight did you use for your squats last week?” His re­sponse: Uhhh (si­lence) That was his prob­lem. He was more or less guess­ing and go­ing off mem­ory each week. Sound fa­mil­iar?

Here is a sim­ple fix: Write your stuff down. Track it. Stop play­ing the guess­ing game. I know we live in a tech savvy world now and there’s an app for ev­ery­thing, but I still find us­ing a reg­u­lar old note­book and pen my pre­ferred way to log work­outs.

Along with track­ing sets/reps I’ll also make note of RPE (rate of per­ceived ex­er­tion) and even write down gen­eral ob­ser­va­tions of how I feel on any given day. All of it pro­vides per­ti­nent in­for­ma­tion which al­lows me to gauge progress and make nec­es­sary tweaks to pro­grammes mov­ing for­ward. Do it.


Time and time again, the one thing I ad­just the most with my ath­letes, es­pe­cially when they’re not see­ing progress in the gym, is their sleep habits. The an­swer is usu­ally not cryother­apy, sub­mer­sion baths or what­ever modal­ity you can think of.

Sleep is the one thing that’ll sin­gle­hand­edly have the most pro­found ef­fect on your abil­ity to get shred­ded, dead­lift the na­tional record or any other fit­ness/per­for­mance en­deav­our you can think of.

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