Tolls in bid to woo Ber­bice vot­ers

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want bet­ter roads, bet­ter streets, bet­ter com­mu­nity cen­tres, play­fields, bet­ter schools, bet­ter health cen­ters,” he stated.

Ac­cord­ing to Nag­amootoo, the Neigh­bour­hood Demo­cratic Coun­cil (NDC) in that area was sup­posed to make rep­re­sen­ta­tions for road lights but did not do so be­cause its mem­bers be­long to an­other po­lit­i­cal party. “They want to bring down the im­age of the coali­tion govern­ment. They feel if you have lights on the road it will make the coali­tion look good, so don’t have lights,” he claimed.

He pointed out that NDCs are re­ceiv­ing $4 mil­lion in sub­ven­tions apart from the rates and taxes which are be­ing col­lected from res­i­dents, yet it is not be­ing spent to im­prove the com­mu­ni­ties. As a re­sult, he ques­tioned what is be­ing done with the funds.

“They don’t take the in­ter­est of the peo­ple at heart and they don’t do the job for which they were elected,” he said, while call­ing on res­i­dents to re­place those that are not will­ing to work to bet­ter the com­mu­ni­ties.

“We want to send a clear mes­sage through the Govern­ment of Guyana that the rea­son why lo­cal govern­ment elec­tions are im­por­tant [is] be­cause we want you to choose peo­ple who can work for you, choose the peo­ple in your NDC who un­der­stand your prob­lems,” he fur­ther stressed.

He also said that presently, the PPP/C con­trols the Re­gional Demo­cratic Coun­cil (RDC) of Re­gion Six, “So the RDC don’t work for the com­mu­ni­ties, so it got floods all the time and they don’t go to the rice farm­ers, when the rice farm­ers don’t have mar­kets for the rice, their paddy, they are happy be­cause they be­lieve that will give a bad name to the coali­tion govern­ment.”

Dur­ing his ad­dress, the Prime Min­is­ter pre­sented AFC can­di­date Mavis Nag­amootoo to the gather­ing. He noted that Mavis, who is re­lated to sev­eral crick­eters who have ex­celled at the re­gional and in­ter­na­tional lev­els, wants to be a coun­cil­lor be­cause she wants to see the Whim Ground be­come not just a cricket cen­tre for Whim/Bloom­field but also an in­ter­na­tional first class sta­dium to al­low the young peo­ple to play cricket com­pet­i­tively.

Ac­cord­ing to him, those who said that “Mavis can­not be found” know how pow­er­ful she is.

“So they know more than any­one else that Mavis Nag­amootoo is a big vote get­ter, a big vote catcher and…none of the trails that they put can run be­side Mavis, so they tar­geted her,” he claimed.

He also stressed that while the coali­tion is in­tact, safe and strong, the AFC has cho­sen to con­test the elec­tions on its own as a tac­tic “be­cause here they know they are in­vok­ing racism, you couldn’t get APNU to con­test Whim/Bloom­field. You will go to war in race and they will give you all the rea­sons…why they shouldn’t choose APNU. But the AFC is a small, multi-eth­nic party, got pow­er­ful lead­ers and they don’t know how to fight us, so they de­cide they will go and dis­credit us and say we are in­volved in fraud and trick­ery and forgery and threats.”

PPP sup­port­ers protested the Coren­tyne outreach, while APNU sup­port­ers protested the PPP’s meeting at New Am­s­ter­dam.

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