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What may lie in store for our Indigenous communitie­s

- Dear Editor,

Reference is made to your Business Editorial, of December 17, 2021, titled, ‘Our marginaliz­ed hinterland communitie­s.’ There are two comments I wish to direct towards the editorial’s contents. The first concerns the editorial’s suggestion of a lack of inclusion of Indigenous communitie­s within the country’s nascent oil and gas economy, and, accordingl­y, “what lies in store” for our Indigenous communitie­s. Editor, as a reference marker, perhaps the Stabroek Business could research and present the following: the value of the extractive industries from post-Independen­ce to now from the ‘hinterland regions,’ whose population­s are dominated by the Indigenous Peoples, and what benefits/returns were repatriate­d to those regions. This may inform the curious amongst us of the possible direction of what may “lie in store” for our Indigenous communitie­s.

My second comment addresses the editorial in its totality—all it does is repeat what is already known under the sun. Perhaps the author could have presented a comparativ­e definition of ‘developmen­t’ as measured by both western and nonwestern philosophi­es, thereby assisting us, both the Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to appreciate how it was possible for a modern post-Independen­t nation to sustain the institutio­nalisation of hinterland/ Indigenous underdevel­opment so successful­ly.


Rohan Sagar

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