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Flood-hit Pomeroon residents relocating to higher ground

-over 2,000 food hampers distribute­d


With residents of the Lower and Upper Pomeroon, in Region

wo, severely affected by flooding over the past 10 days, many amilies are leaving their homes for higher ground.

The flooding has occurred as a result of continuous rainfall ompounded by the silting up of the Pomeroon River and high des.

Those severely affected are residents of St Monica, Karawab, abakaburi, and Wakapau, who have had to seek accommodao­n elsewhere.

Many farmlands are currently inundated with floodwater­s and armers are currently counting their losses. Prime Minister Mark

hillips along with Minister of Agricultur­e Zulfikar Mustapha nd Regional officials visited the Pomeroon River on Friday.

here they met with flood-affected residents and conducted furher assessment­s of the flooding situation in the communitie­s.

During the assessment over 2,000 food hampers, 1,620 bottles f tonics, 810 medical hampers, and 20,000 water purificati­on

blets along with collapsibl­e bottles were distribute­d to various ommunities. Food hampers were sent to each household in the

omeroon River. Purified water was also provided to residents hrough the Guyana Water Incorporat­ed and the Region Two dministrat­ion. Civil Defence Commission (CDC) officials are

so on the ground assisting in the distributi­on of the food hamers.

Many farmers are clueless as to what will be their next move nce they had invested all their income in their farmlands. Many f them had used the cash grants released by the government to urchase seedlings to re-plant their fields. Many families said heir Christmas this year will be “dull” since much of their prouce has been destroyed due to excessive water.

Only coconut plants are visible and are said to be withstandn­g the flooding. There were no reports of fever outbreaks in the omeroon River thus far. However, many residents are said to ill use “latrines” and this poses serious health concerns.

“We really deh bad in the Pomeroon River. Every time it rains e getting flooding. We can’t blame anyone; its nature work. ut persons trying to do embankment. The situation is sad,” a sident, Marcel Thomas, lamented.

Region Two Vice Chairman Humace Oodit said that the gion will continue to monitor the situation and necessary interentio­ns would be made where necessary.

 ?? ?? Prime Minister Mark Phillips handing over a food hamper to a flood-affected resident at Charity
Prime Minister Mark Phillips handing over a food hamper to a flood-affected resident at Charity

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