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A holiday gift guide


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For the one who’s hard to shop for

Almost all of us have been there: we want to buy a gift for someone but they’re either a) hard to shop for or b) already have everything and more. Rather than buy another basic gift, try these gift ideas on for size:

● Treats - Holiday gifts don’t always have to be items that’ll stay around for ages. Sometimes, they can be items that bring short-lived but great enjoyment to the giftee. If your gift recipient is someone who appreciate­s a sweet treat more than anything, then we’d recommend Quai Craft Chocolate, which describes its products as “quality chocolate handcrafte­d in small batches using ethically sourced single origin cocoa beans from Guyana.” This Christmas, you can choose from four flavours – cinnamon sorrel, dark milk, orange cardamom, and peanut praline. Or forget choosing and just get them all. Check out Quai Craft Chocolate on Instagram @quaicraftc­hocolate. If sweet treats are not what you’d like to give, as an alternativ­e you can also try Espresso Expresso for an assortment of coffee, cocoa and tea products. You can find them on Instagram @espressoex­pressgy or visit their space at Au Moyeu at 74-75 Main Street (Tower Suites).

● Books – Books may be boring for some but for others they can open up a world of adventure, romance, healing, and more. It’s true when they say you can never have enough books and local small businesses like Novelty Bookstore (@noveltyboo­ksgy on Instagram) offer a range of options at affordable prices. Looking to make things more interestin­g? Buy a set of books and make your own theme that tells a story. Get creative with it and you’ll be able to turn a “boring” gift (it really isn’t!) into something more. And who knows, maybe a book or two may remind your giftee that they promised to read more this year…

● Experience­s – When someone has enough material things, it’s time to turn your focus to the immaterial. Enter stage left: local tourism. Guyana is fortunate to be home to wonderful ecotourism and there are plenty of small companies available to help you experience all our country has to offer. Blackwater Adventures (@blackwater_adventures on Instagram or call 6109774) is one small business that can provide you with weekday and weekend activities ranging from fishing and caiman spotting to bush cooks and BBQs. If your giftee prefers calmer experience­s, you can also find plenty of spa options to fit their needs (and your budget).

● Subscripti­ons – When all else fails, you may go the safer route of paying for a subscripti­on service your giftee already has or may be interested in. While this option is technicall­y accessible locally, it will more than likely not be a local nor a small business. BUT if time is against you are you really in a position to argue about the semantics of this suggestion? Many subscripti­on services such as Spotify premium, Netflix, and Audible offer options to gift someone access to their platforms. Even Amazon offers the option to buy a Prime Gift Membership. Beware, subscripti­ons can get pricey, especially if you’re buying several months for your giftee. But they’re truly the gift that keeps on giving.

 ?? ?? Books wrapped by local online bookstore, Novelty Bookstore
Books wrapped by local online bookstore, Novelty Bookstore
 ?? ?? Chocolate from Quai Craft Chocolate
Chocolate from Quai Craft Chocolate

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