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Confusion abounds over identities of cyclists


Last week, the Caribbean Regional Anti- Doping Organisati­on sent out a press release that stated that following tests conducted last year in Guyana, laboratory results confirmed “three adverse analytical findings.”

Since then there has been lots of speculatio­n in the media and elsewhere as to the identities of the cyclists.

The tests were conducted last November following the annual Five-Stage cycle road race here and upon its conclusion some 10 cyclists, including Guyanese Greaves, Raynauth Jeffrey, Raul Leal, Hamzah Eastman and Geron Williams, were among those randomly tested by the Guyana Olympic Associatio­n and officials from the Caribbean regional Anti- Doping Organisati­on an arm of the World Anti- Doping Associatio­n (WADA).

The event was won by Colombia’s Carlos Ospina who refused to take the test citing the unsanitary conditions although Team Coco’s Jaime Ramirez, Jamol Eastman and Darren Matthews of Barbados and Marloe Rodman of Jamaica took the test.

According to a statement posted on the GCF Facebook page, Greaves tested positive and was written to by the RADO.

However Greaves has denied that he has been written to by RADO. President of the Jamaica Cycling Federation Kirk Franklin has also denied that a Jamaican cyclist failed the test.

This is what was posted by president of the GCF Horace Burrowes on social media Facebook page on the issue.

“One of Guyana’s top cyclists, Alanzo Greaves is facing suspension for a positive Anti-Doping test. I can confirm Mr. Alanzo Greaves has tested positive for a prohibited substance. He was tested on Sunday November 1, 2015 at the tour of Guyana. Mr. Alanzo Greaves was notified by the Regional Anti- Doping Organizati­on ( RADO),” the statement signed by Burrowes who is abroad read.

“Members of the GCF would like to thank Dr. Karen Pilgrim and Guyana Olympic Associatio­n for conducting these tests. With these random tests that were conducted, not only Alanzo Greaves has tested positive but cyclists from Barbados, Jamaica and Columbia also tested positive. Guyana Cycling Federation will continue to work closely with Guyana Olympic Associatio­n (GOA) to continue to conduct random testing and to bring order to the sport that we all love.”

Horace Burrowes, President,

Guyana Cyclist Federation.

Contacted by Stabroek Sport Sunday, Greaves, a father of two confirmed that he has been informed of the adverse analytical findings in his A sample but denies that he was contacted by RADO.

According to Greaves, it was GCF Burrowes who informed him of the positive test although he claimed that Burrowes could not tell him what was the prohibited substance he tested positive for.

It is also unclear whether Greaves has accepted the result or has indicated to the GCF the desire to have a B sample test.

Greaves added that Burrowes has not given him any informatio­n about the possible sanctions.

When pressed Greaves said he had not further comment to make on the matter.

Meanwhile Franklin is apparently upset that Burrowes has stated in his Facebook post that a Jamaican also failed the test and is requesting a withdrawal of the allegation­s and a formal apology.

“We are preparing a formal response to this defamatory and untrue post and we hope that good sense prevails with the withdrawal of the allegation­s post-haste accompanie­d by a formal apology using the same medium that was used to defame our athlete and sully Jamaica’s reputation,” the Guyana Chronicle reported yesterday.

Meanwhile, according to an article in Trinidad’s Newsday, Darren Matthews, a Barbados cyclist, winner of the UCI Tour Of Tobago cycle event in 2013 has reportedly also had an adverse analytical findings to his November test.

Newsday reported that Matthews “was summoned to take another `A’ sample drugs test back at home in Barbados, which received similar findings.”

He has not requested a B sample test and is awaiting an official hearing from the Barbados National Anti-Doping Agency, the newspaper reported.

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