Gim­mickry? Gov’t’s ac­tion on bridge will not earn it a sin­gle vote

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The vul­gar dis­so­nance that has char­ac­ter­ized the Ber­bice Bridge from its con­cep­tion, birth, and now sickly if not obese pres­ence con­tin­ues. Dis­so­nance is be­ing po­lite; it is more like river-cross­ing rob­bery; in re­al­ity the po­lit­i­cal pre­cur­sor and equiv­a­lent to the piracy on the high seas fur­ther pass that same bridge. Now in the on­go­ing fren­zies of fool­ish­ness, there is this spec­tre of “po­lit­i­cal gim­mickry” in­serted in the works; it makes for good the­atre and a large belly laugh, too. While there is some al­lure em­bed­ded in the mean­ing of those two weighty words, I look on in dis­be­lief when sen­si­ble folks first bite; and then more than a few tum­ble over­board as will­ing suck­ers through what can only be lumped with the in­creas­ing vol­umes of lo­cal po­lit­i­cal porn.

For starters, there was the clam­our of that date and its co­in­cid­ing with lo­cal gov­ern­ment elec­tions. Peo­ple have ei­ther got to be kid­ding, or have lost what­ever mar­bles they had re­main­ing. What does that mat­ter? Since when do such cor­re­la­tions and ex­trap­o­la­tions fig­ure for some­thing or mean any­thing in this coun­try? Since when do the peo­ple in this so­ci­ety care about such con­nec­tions, any such con­nec­tions and what­ever mes­sage they bring? Let us look at this a lit­tle closer.

For decades a school of thought has been es­tab­lished in this coun­try. Men from all walks of life (some not on the up and up) have pos­tu­lated and em­pha­sized and reem­pha­sized that vot­ing in this coun­try is not is­sue based. Go to the head of the class and take a bow. Col­lect a gar­land while at it. The peo­ple-pun­dits, pan­jan­drums, pimps, and a pa­rade of pro­gres­sive sup­posed thinkers-have pointed re­peat­edly to the race-based roots, branch, and trunk preva­lent in this coun­try elec­tion sea­son af­ter dreary elec­tion sea­son. Who can dis­agree? Who can con­test that sorry and en­cir­cling re­al­ity? Vot­ers do care about the econ­omy, jobs, health ser­vices, so­cial ser­vices, ed­u­ca­tion stan­dards and the like. But af­ter all their philo­soph­i­cal de­par­tures, men­tal gy­ra­tions, and rum shop, bar­ber shop, and salt goods shop ad­vo­ca­cies for or against this or that, mat­ters still in­vari­ably dis­till to the sin­gle lane of race. Race is trump (par­don me); race is jus­ti­fi­ca­tion. Race is first choice and fall­back op­tion. Race is re­flex­ive. And that is the way it has al­ways been; and will be for the fore­see­able fu­ture. Il­lit­er­ate peo­ple, cre­den­tialed peo­ple, rich peo­ple, poor peo­ple, athe­ists, and be­liev­ers (as well as LGBTQ ranks) all vote race to an over­whelm­ing de­gree.

Thus, I re­turn to my ques­tion, ques­tions to be ac­cu­rate. What does that date mat­ter? Any date for that mat­ter? Why does any­one in his or her right mind think that the gov­ern­ment rush­ing to the res­cue like a shin­ing saviour on a white horse makes a dif­fer­ence? It means squat; es­pe­cially given it is this gov­ern­ment and that the tar­gets of op­por­tu­nity and cir­cum­stance are those peo­ple. I do not be­lieve that any­one would need a trans­la­tion. But I will do the hon­ours.

This dread­ful black gov­ern­ment (let us be un­spar­ing here, as it is called for) in the eyes and hearts of a point­edly Ber­bice In­dian elec­torate will not and can­not be favoured by any seis­mic shift and sea change in voter at­ti­tude, voter recog­ni­tion, or voter trust. Not for 365%; not for twice that pro­posal. It is just not the way things work around here, and every­body knows that, in­clud­ing those chant­ing that dirge about “po­lit­i­cal gim­mickry.” I like the gov­ern­ment’s ac­tion; but it will not earn a sin­gle vote for its pains. This is just the way that we have al­ways been, and re­main im­mov­ably fixed. Think of this: the peo­ple be­hind that shady con­coc­tion lead­ing to the ex­is­tence of the Ber­bice Bridge could come out pub­licly and de­clare that they did rob this coun­try blind, and they did in­flict a mas­sive bur­den and in­jus­tice upon cit­i­zens, par­tic­u­larly sup­port­ers in Ber­bice and none of this would mat­ter a damn. It is the ex­act same mind­set with the lovely brethren from the other side. Po­lit­i­cal gim­mick! my…let us set­tle for foot.

While I am it, there is as­ton­ish­ment that the di­rec­tors for the pri­vate share­hold­ers have been quiet to the point of dumb­ness. I think that cap fits nicely. Now I don’t read those other pa­pers and deal with lo­cal TV, so I may have missed their con­tri­bu­tions, spir­ited to be sure. But it does seem that de gu­v­ment maan is de waan doin aaal de taakin. Where are the other fel­lows when an il­le­gal de­vel­op­ment gains trac­tion through sur­ren­der? Like I said at the be­gin­ning: lovely town this is. If it is not puerile pos­tures, it is the usual po­lit­i­cal bawdi­ness. And when that fails, there is al­ways re­sort to elec­tion com­edy, as stale and flat as that has be­come.

Yours faith­fully, GHK Lall

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