Lo­cal gov’t can­di­dates not be­ing given promi­nence at party meet­ings

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Dear Edi­tor,

I was at a few meet­ings of both the Peo­ple’s Pro­gres­sive Party (PPP) and A Partnership for Na­tional Unity (APNU.) in Re­gion # 2 within the Good Hope–Pomona Neigh­bour­hood Demo­cratic Coun­cil (NDC.) and I was sur­prised that names on the List of Can­di­dates rep­re­sent­ing those par­ties at the up­com­ing Lo­cal Govern­ment Elec­tions (LGE) were not an­nounced even though a cou­ple of those per­sons were at the meet­ings.

The Lists of Can­di­dates for all the par­ties that are con­test­ing the November 12, 2018 Elec­tions are at the Guyana Elec­tions Com­mis­sion (GECOM) of­fices es­tab­lished within the NDC but based on the level of in­ter­est dis­played by a large amount of the elec­torate in th­ese elec­tion, they would not find time and money to check the Vot­ers List, which is also at the GECOM Of­fices to as­cer­tain if their names are on same.

The Can­di­dates List, be it the Pro­por­tional Rep­re­sen­ta­tion (PR) or the Con­stituency FPTP and the extremely poor turnout at meet­ings would en­dorse the point I am mak­ing, and be­cause of this I feel that at the meet­ings they should an­nounce the names of the can­di­dates on the var­i­ous lists. I strongly be­lieve also that there should be de­bates among the can­di­dates on the con­stituency list rep­re­sent­ing the po­lit­i­cal par­ties along with those in­de­pen­dent can­di­dates and in­ter­est groups.

Th­ese de­bates would give the vot­ers a fair idea of what type of rep­re­sen­ta­tion they can ex­pect at the con­stituency level should a par­tic­u­lar can­di­date be elected.

Strange but true, those who never ad­vo­cated for Lo­cal Govern­ment Elec­tions are now telling the peo­ple how im­por­tant th­ese elec­tions are and how they must vote. Blind po­lit­i­cal loy­alty is an im­ped­i­ment to the de­vel­op­ment of a NDC, Mu­nic­i­pal­ity and by ex­ten­sion the coun­try.

Most of the vot­ers are sim­ply not in­ter­ested in the names and the abil­ity of the can­di­dates on the list, they would be look­ing for the party sym­bol.

On a re­lated is­sue, I strongly be­lieve that a per­son should not be a NDC Coun­cil­lor and a RDC Coun­cil­lor at the same time or a Town Coun­cil­lor and a RDC Coun­cil­lor. It is like be­ing a mem­ber of the lower house and the up­per house dur­ing the same pe­riod. While both Chap­ter 28:01 of the Mu­nic­i­pal and District Coun­cils Act, and 28:02 of the Lo­cal Govern­ment Act are silent on be­ing both at the same time, good judge­ment should pre­vail. I can re­mem­ber in 2006, when I served as a Coun­cil­lor of the Re­gion # 2 RDC a per­son was the Chair­man of the Ever­green/ Par­adise NDC and was also a RDC Coun­cil­lor. Ob­jec­tions were made but as ex­pected the sit­u­a­tion re­mained the same un­til the RDCs were dis­solved for the hold­ing of the 2011 elec­tions. Yours faith­fully, Archie Cordis For­mer AFC Coun­cil­lor Re­gion # 2

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