Rem­i­grants also brave, coura­geous and pa­tri­otic

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Dear Edi­tor, “Courage [pa­tri­o­tism] doesn’t al­ways roar. Some­times courage [pa­tri­o­tism] is that quiet voice at the end of the day say­ing, I’ll try again to­mor­row,” wrote Mary Anne Rad­macher.

Most peo­ple see the Guyanese who re­mained and didn’t leave the coun­try dur­ing the tumultuous po­lit­i­cal and eco­nomic times as coura­geous, heroes, brave and pa­tri­otic.

I agree. I have great re­spect and ad­mi­ra­tion for those peo­ple who stayed in Guyana.

How­ever, I be­lieve that it was also im­por­tant for some peo­ple to leave and re­turn to Guyana and re­turn­ing home from over­seas is a form of pa­tri­o­tism.

I be­lieve that a “Come bac­kee/ re­turnee,” is also brave, coura­geous and pa­tri­otic.

One of the great­est acts of kind­ness, self­less­ness and pa­tri­o­tism is re­turn­ing to live in Guyana af­ter liv­ing over­seas for half of your life­time.

There are three men who have rem­i­grated and have ded­i­cated their lives to serv­ing un­selfishly the cit­i­zenry of the coun­try.

If their re­turn­ing to serve is not an act of kind­ness, love and pa­tri­o­tism for this coun­try then I don’t know what is.

Leav­ing Guyana helped them to de­velop cer­tain skills, which en­abled them to de­velop the coun­try.

For ex­am­ple, the ex­cep­tional skills, ex­pe­ri­ence and train­ing that Dr Vin­cent Adams ac­quired from liv­ing in the USA helped pre­pare him for the job as Di­rec­tor of the Depart­ment of En­vi­ron­ment.

Like­wise, the train­ing and ex­pe­ri­ence work­ing on Wall Street in the USA that Mr. GHK Lall ac­quired helped him to be one of the best Chair­man of the Guyana Gold Board in the his­tory of the or­ga­ni­za­tion. Be­cause of his hon­esty, in­tegrity and high­est morals, we have not heard any­thing about cor­rup­tion, dur­ing his ten­ure at the Gold Board.

For an or­ga­ni­za­tion that has been plagued by cor­rup­tion scan­dals, not to hear about any cor­rup­tion scan­dal in the last three years goes to show the type of leader Mr. Lall is. He is in­cor­rupt­ible.

Mr. Lall is not work­ing for a salary at the Gold Board, and he re­fused to even take a stipend, even though he puts in count­less hours work­ing at the Gold Board. How many peo­ple in the coun­try are re­fus­ing to ac­cept pay for work­ing?

Where did Mr. Lall learn to be so self­less and pa­tri­otic? He learned it from his deep re­li­gious faith and from liv­ing in the USA.

Un­for­tu­nately, th­ese val­ues of self­less­ness and pa­tri­o­tism are rarely be­ing taught in the coun­try.

An­other “Come back he” is Dr. Ivelaw Grif­fith, the Vice Chan­cel­lor of the Univer­sity of Guyana.

In this writer’s opin­ion, Dr. Grif­fith is one of the best and most qual­i­fied Vice Chan­cel­lors the Univer­sity of Guyana ever had.

Let us take a look at Dr. Grif­fith’s ex­pe­ri­ence and train­ing.

As a po­lit­i­cal sci­en­tist, Dr. Grif­fith served as pro­fes­sor of po­lit­i­cal sci­ence and provost and se­nior vice pres­i­dent at York Col­lege of the City Univer­sity of New York.

Dr. Grif­fith was pro­fes­sor of po­lit­i­cal sci­ence and bud­get dean of the Col­lege of Arts and Sciences at Florida In­ter­na­tional Univer­sity (FIU) and provost at Rad­ford Univer­sity in Vir­ginia.

Edi­tor, it was im­por­tant for Dr. Grif­fith to leave th­ese shores and go abroad to help him­self so that he can help the cit­i­zenry of this coun­try.

As you can see Edi­tor, mi­gra­tion is not a bad thing as long as the di­as­pora re­turn to help the coun­try.

All three of th­ese men have done that. This is why I be­lieve that th­ese men and oth­ers who are “Come back he” are brave, coura­geous, and pa­tri­otic.

Th­ese men are sac­ri­fic­ing a great deal to serve the in­ter­ests of the peo­ple of this coun­try. Their de­ci­sion to leave the USA af­ter liv­ing there decades was coura­geous and pa­tri­otic.

So it’s time for the lo­cals to re­al­ize that not only those who stayed in Guyana are brave, coura­geous and pa­tri­otic. If th­ese men are not pa­tri­otic, coura­geous or brave then I don’t know who is.

This is the golden era and chap­ter of the coun­try’s life­time. If you are a ci­ti­zen of Guyana and you have done well in your ca­reer in the di­as­pora, then you have a moral obli­ga­tion to re­turn home and give back to the coun­try.

There­fore, I am en­cour­ag­ing the di­as­pora to join me in re­turn­ing to Guyana to serve the coun­try.

Is it only those Guyanese who re­mained in Guyana dur­ing the daunt­ing chal­lenges of the coun­try who are pa­tri­otic, brave and coura­geous? Yours faith­fully, Anthony Pantlitz

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