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har­bours spe­cial vi­sions; alas, the ex­tended po­lit­i­cal, so­cial, and en­vi­ron­men­tal body parts are suf­fused with barely con­tained poi­sons that speak of his­toric ex­cesses hard to purge. Breath and sweat, words and deeds blend seam­lessly in a non­cha­lantly reck­lessly prej­u­diced so­ci­ety: this is what it is! This is how it stays! Hard and im­mov­able; nur­tured and em­braced to the detri­ment of all. Silky speeches and lu­mi­nous pos­tures aside, this is the Guyanese Way. Gov­ern­ment likes. Op­po­si­tion likes. The peo­ple like.

In me­dia af­fairs, gov­ern­ment loses the daily pro­pa­ganda bat­tles, and the gen­er­al­ized un­re­lent­ing pro­pa­ganda war. Not even a con­tender. It does not seem un­duly per­turbed. Vol­ume, cos­met­ics, and re­al­ity are mainly carved out, in­flu­enced, and con­trolled by non-state ac­tors and pow­ers. Its few hard won suc­cesses are given short shrift, over­whelmed by force of cir­cum­stances, de­feated by avalanches of the neg­a­tive. Changes, in­cre­men­tal and oc­ca­sional, are lost in the shuf­fle, and suf­fer from an ab­sence of light and un­par­don­able of­fi­cial ne­glect. While the hand­ful of pos­i­tives dis­ap­pear be­fore the ac­tions of the many hands that dip into the trea­sury to lift what does not be­long. This, too, is an in­her­i­tance from the good times era, when the only colour was money; and so too was the pol­i­tics. Thus, a coun­try is ren­dered pros­trate; in­deed, life­less.

When all things are con­sid­ered, it be­comes ob­vi­ous that this gov­ern­ment has done poorly, fairly, and some­times, com­mend­ably. There is too lit­tle of the last, and too much of the for­mer. The record of three and a half years is nei­ther flat­ter­ing nor en­cour­ag­ing. There are bright spots, though, if there is time and in­ter­est to look close enough. The fail­ure to cap­i­tal­ize and em­pha­size of what has been dif­fer­ent and bet­ter only adds to the list of what could be, what should be. Yours faith­fully, GHK Lall

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