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Trinidad woman found dead had complained of abuse


A woman who died at a house in Freeport on Monday has been identified as Nita Gajadhar, 31, of McBean Village in Couva.

It was initially reported that a man who lives alone in a wooden one-bedroom structure allegedly brought Gajadhar to his house located at Tiwarie Circular, Arena Road.

While there the woman became unconsciou­s and an ambulance was called in.

However, when the paramedics arrived and checked on her the woman was said to be dead.

Speaking to the Guardian Media on Wednesday night, Gajadhar’s friend, a 52year-old labourer whose house she was in at the time of her death, sought to clear the air on what transpired on that day.

The man claimed that he and Gajadhar had known each other for a few years and only became close in the past recent months.

He alleged that she was in an abusive relationsh­ip and had called him over the weekend for “rescue.”

“She called me and told me that the man was real beating her and to come and get her. So I called a friend and we went and picked her up. But we were all drinking after that. When we reach by me at about 1.30 am she fell when she came out of the van. I ran to pick her up.”

“We went and sleep after that. She got up and started to drink again. I slept away again so I don’t know what happened after that. But when I tried to wake her up she wasn’t getting up. I wet her face with water and I noticed blood in her mouth. I called the ambulance and them take real long to come and when they came they said she dead and then they called the police and them too took long to come,” he added.

The man said he cared very much for Gajadhar who he alleged “lived a hard life.”

“She was knocked over by a car at a bar in Chase Village a few years ago and have steel in her leg so she used to walk with a limp and was in real pain when rain was to fall. She has a daughter, three years, but the State took her away last year. Nita used to depend on public assistance but she used to drink alcohol plenty too. She was a good person to me and I’m sorry this had to happen to her,” he said.

Investigat­ing officers said they have already taken statements from Gajadhar’s friend and two other people. However, they are yet to receive the findings of the autopsy which is still pending at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.

 ?? ?? Nita Gajadhar
Nita Gajadhar

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