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Trinidad `Famous Foods’ businessma­n, mom die from COVID


The owner of Darryl’s Famous Foods (formerly Japs Fried Chicken) Darryl Mahabir has died of Covid-19, as did his mother ten days ago.

The news was commented on by Facebook users last night:

“It’s with a heavy heart we bid you farewell. You were one of the first to go to a prestigiou­s school and the ultimate business man building Darryl’s Famous Foods (Japs fried chicken) into the empire it is today. You are admired by all—I know I looked up to you.

“You had good guidance in your mother Bago Maraj (who we lost just a few days ago) and now today you join her.

It’s the most tragic news any family would have to receive. My thoughts are with your kids, partner and sibling at this very moment who is dealing with yet another untimely death in our family.

“I enjoyed our little time in Tobago a few years ago and I’m sorry we never got to work together. I told your mum you are the only member of our family I would work with—he talked Limin’ in the Caribbean and doing the festival. But it was not to be, you are now flying with some of the finest.

My dearest cousin, we will not forget you and I will rename our fried chicken in memory of you and your mum when we do it next.

Get vaccinated TT.

I beg you!”

 ?? ?? Darryl Mahabir
Darryl Mahabir

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