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I am assured that IDPADA-G`s secretaria­t will disclose how it has spent the subvention

- Dear Editor, Sincerely, Vincent Alexander

On December 8, 2021, I started scripting this letter but gave up on it to pay attention to more meaningful and worthwhile community activities. However, the recent public insinuatio­n of Jagdeo, about my access to and use of public funds, has occasioned my return to its scripting.

Ever since the formation of IDPADA-G, there have been those who have sought to impugn my character and undermine the standing of IDPADA-G by virtue of postings on social media and more recently a letter to the Editor. I even had Ms. Bibi Shadick hurl accusation­s at me during GECOM meetings, declaring me the recipient of One Hundred Million Guyana dollars. Indeed, IDPADA-G has been the recipient of a subvention, thanks to the Granger regime, in the first instance. However, constant personaliz­ing of the organizati­on`s subvention, as if I am its recipient, and more so involved in malfeasanc­e, reeks of mischief and the dirty politics that is endemic and pervasive in Guyana. I have spent my entire adult life in employment, political and all other spheres distancing myself from Guyana`s endemic corruption in its financial and other spheres, and will not turn a blind eye to the present attempts to impugn my character.

To the recent Afro-centric letter-writer, who posed the question about what I have done with IDPADA-G millions to create wealth for the African Guyanese community, let it be known that I am not IDPADA-G, hence his question could only be misdirecte­d or malicious. I am, however, assured that IDPADA-G`s secretaria­t will most willingly disclose how it has spent its subvention, although the informatio­n is in the public domain via the media, and all of the activities which IDPADA-G advertises and to which it invites community participat­ion. I am also assured that the secretaria­t will confirm that I am neither the custodian nor manager of IDPADA-G`s subvention; do not receive any financial disburseme­nts and, to the contrary, make significan­t human resource and inkind contributi­ons to the organizati­on..

With regard to the letter-writer, and his pronouncem­ent on community and wealth creation, he should be advised that IDPADG-G`s focus is empowermen­t and facilitati­on, not wealth creation. We expect that those who we engage and empower, will go on to create wealth in their own right. All of this can be revealed to the auditors who were instructed to descend on IDPADA-G under the guise that the letter-writer had raised a red flag that attracted their attention. This is an unpreceden­ted, swift, efficient and obviously targeted response under the directions of the powers that be. The Lord knows what they will trump up next as they use the corrupted value system to question my fiduciary conduct. They could better spend the nation`s resources auditing the long outstandin­g World Cup and CARIFESTA expenditur­es.

Given this apparent obsession with Alexander, under the pretense of accountabi­lity, it came as no surprise when Jagdeo, in Machiavell­ian style, at the recent farcical Local Content consultati­on, rhetorical­ly asked the audience if anyone in the African Guyanese community had benefitted from the millions that were given to Alexander on behalf of the community. That question, which had no place at such a forum, immediatel­y exposed the unfolding plot being executed by the letter writer, the cheap hero of the drama, and the intellectu­al authors whose next African Guyanese target is the thorn, Alexander. The plot cannot crescendo since truth always prevails and the evil and wicked are exposed. Good luck to all of the actors and the cheering and or gullible audience. As I contemplat­e my options, I will not be deterred from exercising my constituti­onally guaranteed freedom of expression and associatio­n.

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