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Drinking water sent to flood-affected Pomeroon residents


Flood-affected residents of both the Upper and Lower Pomeroon River in Region Two were yesterday issued black tanks with purified water. This was done to ensure that they were not consuming contaminat­ed water which would expose them to serious health issues.

Region Two Vice-Chairman Humace Oodit informed that the Regional Administra­tion had partnered with the Guyana Water Incorporat­ed to ensure that residents had access to potable water.

Oodit noted that in addition to water, cleaning detergents and food hampers were also given to the residents. Meanwhile, residents of the Upper and Lower Pomeroon are bracing for the upcoming high tides.

Many of the cash crop farmers related that their Christmas is currently ‘blue’ and that all the monies they had invested back into their farms have been lost. One farmer, Daniel Fredericks, said that he had replanted using the money from the government cash grant and now with the heavy rainfall everything is gone.

Fredericks said that residents in the Pomeroon River will unfortunat­ely not be having happy holidays. He noted that many persons have had to leave their homes and farmlands and move to higher ground. In addition, many persons in St Monica have had their furniture and appliances damaged by the floods. “We always get flood but like every time it’s a new experience so many persons are suffering

and our livelihood­s are affected.”

Another farmer, Mary Williams of Kabakaburi said she was depending on the crop for Christmas. Williams said that she is a single parent and she would usually farm to provide an income to her family.

Residents of the riverain communitie­s are hoping for a change in the weather pattern so that the sunshine can bring a dawn of hope for them. Heavy rainfall meanwhile continues in the region.

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