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Gold is the only way for Darious ‘Razor’ Ramsammy

- (Emmerson Campbell)

After using his sharp physique to slice through the competitio­n in October at the Santo Domingo Open, held in the Dominican Republic, the muscleman plans to replicate his gold medal performanc­e on Sunday when the Guyana Bodybuildi­ng and Fitness Federation hosts its flagship National Seniors Championsh­ip at the National Cultural Centre in Georgetown.

Ramsammy’s aim? To join rarified air and become the next holder of the coveted Mr Guyana title.

The 24 year-old stated that his number one aim is to beat the man in the mirror and his competitio­n on ‘Game Day’.

“I’m expecting to move up to another weight class this year. I cannot say I am not nervous but I am ready to give it my all and my goal is always to please myself and that way I’ll never be disappoint­ed so that being said as long as I have beaten myself at my last show I am satisfied.”

The shredded mass of muscle who is already peaking at two days out, gave a bit of insight into his preparatio­n. “Prep is coming good, I’m where I want to be and I have a few more days to play with it.”The Lifestyle Fitness Gym personal trainer added “Usually prepping for a competitio­n is stressful because you are on low carbs, but this one seems to be very easy. I’m feeling okay I’m healthy and I haven’t sustained any injuries.”

Razor is mastering his craft. “My biggest problem used to be losing too much muscle in a cut but I have worked on that by keeping my calories in an optimum range. For me failure is not an option, so I am putting in the work and doing what I have to do in the gym and in my diet to put myself in a position to win.”

This is not a new Ramsammy, this is the same Ramsammy with new upgrades, so hang onto your hats because Ramsammy 2.0 is coming for the Mr Guyana title. Showtime is 18:00hrs and limited tickets (200) are currently on sale at the venue.

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Darious Ramsammy

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