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Kudos to the young profession­als at CBJ

- Dear Editor,

I went to Guyana for a week on an emergency visit.

Both on my arrival and departure I was pleasantly struck with the highest quality of staff attendance and behaviour in all department­s - security, immigratio­n, customs etc. Indeed, most staff went way out of the previous cold, job-required courtesy to be so warmly friendly and helpful. One female officer personally ushered and fast-tracked me and my wife through immigratio­n and customs as “senior citizens”. And while neither of us felt or behaved over forty, I got the chance to experience the feeling of elation that diplomats and wheelchair passengers feel.

But I am certain President Ali’s hospitalit­y training programme, and what I observed as an abandonmen­t by Guyana’s young people of racial and political dogmas, are beginning to pay dividends.

My kudos and bouquets to Guyana young profession­als at the CBJ Airport.

Yours truly,

Gokarran Sukhdeo

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