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Glenn Lall is the strongest voice against this bad oil deal

- Dear Editor,

If I had to pick a person as the “Guyana 2021 Person of the Year,” it will be the indomitabl­e nationalis­t, Mr. Glenn Lall, who reminds me of Dr. Jagan fighting for the poor masses in our “rich Guyana of poor people,” as our President describes us.

In my view, the renegotiat­ion of the oil contract with the oil companies, is Guyana’s number one priority and urgent imperative. Our working poor will never rise above their current predicamen­t unless Guyana gets more income from a better deal that includes a higher royalty, higher profit share and requiring the oil companies to pay taxes as they do in other countries. There are not enough bad words to describe the deal signed by the PNC and which the PPP has vowed they will not renegotiat­e. Mr. Glenn Lall is the strongest, loudest, daily voice against this rape of the nation and government­al sins against the people of Guyana.


Dr. Jerry Jailall

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