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How about if we have the Guyana Guidelines?

- Dear Editor,

I shall pour out my heart here. We love to speak and write of lovely things in lovelier terms. I am yet to come across some penmanship like Guyanese. We can educate others about Santiago Principles, the Paris Agreement, and Kyoto Protocols more than anyone. I stop. Now I restart.

How about if we have the Guyana Guidelines? Or the Georgetown Goodness (or Berbice) Arrangemen­ts? Made by us. Not the PPP alone. Not the PNC alone. Or Africans or Amerindian­s or Indians or Mixed? If we can never sit civilly as a society and speak, then who are we? If and when we always need (require) outsiders to fix us, then what kind of creatures have we become?

More importantl­y, who and what have I become?

Sincerely, GHK Lall

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