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Man shot with arrow during boat chase on Demerara River


A logger was injured on New Year’s Day by an arrow let loose during a boat chase on the Demerara River.

In a release, the police said that Lloyd Charter, 45, was hit by the arrow on the river at Muritaro.

The police say that enquiries disclosed that the victim and suspect have ongoing issues. On New Year’s Day at around 4.30 pm, the victim was paddling his boat in the Demerara River past the suspect’s home when he heard someone paddling quickly behind.

“He looked around and observed that it was the suspect who was encroachin­g upon him. The victim continued paddling and immediatel­y after he felt something strike him and felt a burning in his back which turned out to be an arrow which became stuck to (the left side of) his …abdomen protruding with a metal object at the front”, the police said.

The police said that he looked around and saw the suspect with a bow in his hand and he asked him why he had shot him. The suspect did not reply but turned around his boat and paddled in the opposite direction.

The victim then paddled to a nearby residence where he sought assistance and was then escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex with the arrow protruding through the left side of his back. He was immediatel­y admitted a patient to undergo surgery. His condition is listed as stable but serious.

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