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Some suggested New Year’s resolution­s for Cricket West Indies!

- Tony McWatt

As it enters 2022, the Ricky Skerritt–led Cricket West Indies (CWI) should be seeking to have a much improved year from the annus horribilis that its 2021 can now only be best described as having been. Towards that end here are our top 15 suggestion­s for resolution­s CWI should now be seeking to fulfill during this 2022 New Year!

CWI must request of the ruling Government­s of its respective member countries that

they should mandate, by September 2022, the addition of West Indies cricket history to the curriculum of all Primary and Secondary schools within the Region.

02. CWI should similarly request of such Government­s that they must also mandate the addition of a paid cricket coach to the staffing component of each Secondary school within the Region.

03. The Local Cricket Boards within CWI’s Member countries must organize Primary and Secondary schools cricket competitio­ns at the U11, U13, U15, U17, and U19 levels.

04. Local cricket Boards should mandate that their participat­ing League teams include at least two U23 players, one bowler, and a batsman each.

05. Cricket West Indies (CWI) should organize a Region-wide prize competitio­n for the developmen­t of an attractive promotiona­l poster that charts the available progressio­n pathway from U11 cricket through to representi­ng West Indies in Tests, ODIs, and T20 cricket. Brian Lara, Jason Holder, and Dwayne Bravo’s photos should be included for placement at the top of the pathway as examples of how lucrative potential West Indies cricket careers can be. The winning poster should be placed in all Primary and Secondary schools throughout the Region.

06. CWI should also revert to its previous practice of hosting designated schoolchil­dren stands at Caribbean hosted internatio­nal matches. At least 1000 schoolchil­dren, from different schools, should be allowed free entry to all internatio­nal matches played in the Caribbean. Regular visits to schools by legendary former players on “Legends Days” should also become a feature of the annual school calendar.

07. CWI should also develop and implement discounted family group ticket pricing for its hosted internatio­nal matches.

08. CWI should expand its Regional four-day competitio­n from six to eight teams through the addition of teams representi­ng a) a regional U23 team and b) a team comprised of bona fide registered students from the Universiti­es of the West Indies and Guyana, as well as any other tertiary education colleges within the Region.

09. CWI should reconvene its annual Super50 tournament as a 10-team competitio­n including representa­tive teams from Canada and the USA.

10. CWI Should request and secure the Caribbean Premier League’s (CPL) agreement to expand its participat­ing franchises roster from 6 to 8 teams. The two additional teams should be Canadian and US Franchises. Their 17member rosters should each be comprised of 10 local players, 5 West Indians, and 2 internatio­nal marquee cricketers.

11. CWI, along with Cricket Canada and USA Cricket, should establish annual tri-nation tournament­s for U23 players in both the 50 and T20 formats.

12. CWI should develop and implement initiative­s aimed at monetizing the now still existing interest in and loyalty to West Indies cricket of its estimated 2 million-plus global fans. Generated revenues from initiative­s such as the sale of acquired, inexpensiv­e, China/Indiamade Player shirts to West Indies fans at pricing no higher than US$25, can be used directly and specifical­ly towards projects related to the further developmen­t of Caribbean youth cricket.

13. CWI should establish its own Annual Awards to recognize the outstandin­g calendar year accomplish­ments of its players across all three of internatio­nal crickets’ current formats. CWI’s annual recognitio­n should also include a Tony Cozier Media Award to the past year’s most outstandin­g Caribbean cricket journalist.

14. CWI should establish a two-year plan for its participat­ion in the forthcomin­g ICC T20 World Cups. The West Indies team’s 2022 T20 World Cup objective should be to first qualify then to progress beyond the Super6 into the semi/finals. The team’s objective for the 2024 Caribbean hosted tournament should be to emerge as champions! CWI should establish similar team objectives for the 2023 and 2027 ICC 50 Over World Cups. It should bid to host the 2027 tournament and aim for the team to be champions. Finally, CWI should also develop a six-year plan for West Indies to become Test Cricket champions by 2028, the 100th anniversar­y of the West Indies’ entry into Test cricket.

15. All cricket developmen­t plans, procedures and practices such as the aforementi­oned tri-formats World Cup/Championsh­ip goals, should be the work of a reconstitu­ted 9 member Cricket Committee. The Committee’s membership should be comprised of one former player representa­tive for each of the six Regional Boards, the CWI Cricket Developmen­t Manager, the Selections Panel Chair, as well as its own appointed Chairperso­n. The Committee must have an establishe­d schedule of meetings and its decisions should be reflected in selected West Indies teams!

If it does indeed implement at least some, if not all of the aforementi­oned suggestion­s, our bet would be that come this time next year any analysis of CWI’s past 12 months would then be considerab­ly more favourable than it has been for 2021.

Here’s to a Happy, Prosperous, And COVID Safe New Year For Us All. Cheers

 ?? ?? Joseph Perreira
Joseph Perreira

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